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John Dingwall Before DMC Fitness Personal Training John Dingwall After DMC Fitness Personal Training

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“49 and feeling old and out of shape. Daily Record Music Editor committed to getting super lean, strong and ripped. He came to DMC and the rest is history.”

Billy Smith Before DMC Fitness Personal Training Billy Smith After DMC Fitness Personal Training

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“Playing 5 aside was my way of exercising until I joined DMC. A couple of years on I have boxed twice, done various endurance and obstacle courses challenges. My wife also joined DMC with me and together quite frankly it's been life changing. ”

Charlotte Hopkins Before DMC Fitness Personal Training Charlotte Hopkins After DMC Fitness Personal Training

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“Looking to be more active, lose weight, feel happier and be healthier Charlotte came to DMC... In 12 weeks Charlotte shed over a stone in weight. Burned 25.5 inches of fat dropped dress sizes and her BMI”

Stuart Cameron Before DMC Fitness Personal Training Stuart Cameron After DMC Fitness Personal Training

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“After a few months training with DMC Stuart's wife Emma could do more press ups than him After seeing this it was time to change. Stuart is now bigger, faster and more muscular than ever before”

Ian Malarkey Before DMC Fitness Personal Training Ian Malarkey After DMC Fitness Personal Training

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“Confused by all the conflicting information Ian sought out 1-2-1 coaching. As an ex para trooper he knew all about fitness. 6 weeks after joining DMC he was fitter than ever and ripped with visible abs ”

Julie Maitland Before DMC Fitness Personal Training Julie Maitland After DMC Fitness Personal Training

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“After trying every fad diet out there Julie found DMC, 6 years on and two babies later she is still a size 8”

Fiona Flynn Before DMC Fitness Personal Training Fiona Flynn After DMC Fitness Personal Training

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“Fiona gained 5 stones during her pregnancy. Frightened of going back to work heavy she joined DMC. 20 weeks later Fiona dropped 3 stones and burned 40 inches.”

Sheena Costello Before DMC Fitness Personal Training Sheena Costello After DMC Fitness Personal Training

Read about Sheena Costello's experience at DMC Fitness

“Due to Polycystic Ovaries the doctors told Sheena she would only lose weight taking medication... She joined DMC dropped down to a size 8 and lost a couple of stones doing so”

Barry Martin Before DMC Fitness Personal Training Barry Martin After DMC Fitness Personal Training

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“Fed up of feeling 'rubbish', Barry decided that it was time to focus on his health and admits that DMC Fitness has helped him to change his life”

David Doran Before DMC Fitness Personal Training David Doran After DMC Fitness Personal Training

Read about David Doran's experience at DMC Fitness

“The pressures of being a successful business director played a big part in Davids unhealthiness. In a cafe buying some food he noticed a flyer for DMC. He signed up and went on to lose 4 stones and completely transform his body, health and fitness. ”

At DMC Fitness we’re expert fitness consultants so whether you want to lose weight, build muscle or just get fit, we can help you. If you need a personal trainer Glasgow based then you’re in the right place.

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Why You Should Train at DMC

DMC Fitness Gym

We are not like commercial gyms. There are no treadmills, X trainers or bikes. All our equipment is there to help you get the best results in the quickest time. A mix of old and new school it's the perfect blend.

All our coaches have been through the DMC Programs. Having had weight problems ourselves then becoming champion athletes we coach from a position of personal experience and professional expertise. We all teach with pride and passion and you will have your own dedicated coach to care for you and guide you throughout your time with us.

During your first 3 month block you are taught the skills and given the tools and to be healthy for life. We teach correct warm up, cool down and recovery techniques. Bodyweight essential and circuit training. Kettlebell training for fitness and fat loss, and boxing and kickboxing for fitness. Our have a combined industry experience of over 40 years and truly love what we do in helping people like you.

Our average weight loss per person is 1.5 stones 21lbs no matter age ability or background.

The training is done in private area where everyone has fun works hard and enjoys the experience. For nearly 10 years we have been perfecting our process and producing truly life transforming results.

We care about you and would love to help you achieve your goals in life.

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Who we work with

We cater to many different types of people and can tailor your programme to suit your needs. Our 30+ programme will keep you fit, no matter what age you are, and if you’re overweight our weight loss and toning programme is the one for you.

If you want to be bigger and stronger then take a look at our muscle building programme and see the results that we’ve achieved. We can also help out entire businesses and we have the trained staff to keep the whole business in shape.

It doesn’t matter who you are, what age or weight you are, we can help you achieve the results you want.

If you’re ready to transform your body and your life and you need the support to succeed come to DMC Fitness. We give you all the tools, information and motivation you’ll need to see results no matter which of our programmes you pick.

DMC Fitness shortlisted in National Fitness Awards


At DMC Fitness we’re always striving to be the best and we’re proud to have been shortlisted for the National Fitness Awards’ UK Gym Team of the Year, Scottish Regional Gym of the Year and UK Functional Gym of the Year. In 2015, we were first runner up in the Scottish Regional Gym of the Year category. You know you’re in good hands with us as we’ve been recognised for our high standards.

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Private Health & Fitness coaching will jump start your motivation and get you reaching your goals faster and our weight loss training experts can help you with your journey to get in shape. Our shining testimonials and staff progress will tell you everything you need to know about our dedication to achieving results.

We offer lots of different fitness coaching services including weight loss training, muscle building and programmes specifically for those over 30.

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What the professionals are saying about personal training at DMC Fitness:
Steve Cotter, International Kettlebell Fitness Federation

“You will be in great hands with Davie and his training crew. He truly cares about your health well being and progress. Train with Davie, he is able to take you farther than you can take yourself.”
Steve Cotter Founder & President of IKFF

Mike Mahler, Kettlebell Fitness Expert

“The DMC crew all have the great combination of being strong athletes as well as great teachers and that is exactly what you want in a trainer. I recommend their services highly.”
Mike Mahler Kettlebell Expert, Author, Speaker & Entrepreneur

Martin Rooney, Training for Warriors

“After working with Davie and the DMC team, I know that they have the tools for success and the passion to help others reach their goals.”
Martin Rooney Founder & Training for Warriors

Rannoch Donald, Simple Strength

“Davie is one of a handful of coaches and trainers I have met over the years who "gets" it. Drawing on his own journey and experience he has created a remarkable vehicle for personal transformation.”
Rannoch Donald Simple Strength & The 100 Rep Challenge