Steven Yuill

Health & Fitness Coach, Transformation Specialist

Stephen weight loss transformation

Steven is a passionate, professional, approachable and realistic coach with knowledge in many areas of health and fitness.

Training with Steven is fun and varied. He always brings knowledge and understanding to his coaching sessions.

Steven has a great passion for many forms of exercise, including strength and power training, kettlebell training, bodyweight training and boxing for fitness. This allows Steven to create varied training sessions and expert programmes.

Steven lost 6 stones in 8 months in 2012. This makes him an ideal coach for those who would love to achieve fat loss goals.

His knowledge of power training would benefit anyone wanting to get stronger.

Steven loves to work with people of all ages and has previously achieved top male and female transformations in his time as a coach. Steven gets great enjoyment working with people who have taken up fitness for the first time in their more mature years.

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Steven’s Fact File

Industry qualifications

  • Fitness Education Academy Level 2 Fitness Instructor
  • IKFF Level 1 Certified Kettlebell Teacher

Industry experience

Steven has been coaching since January 2014.

Passions and interests

Obviously, being a coach, my passion lies in training and I love to incorporate all forms of training into my week including strength, conditioning, sprint training and kettlebells. I also love to get out for a good walk or cycle.

I’m a bit of a foodie and especially love to prep food at home. I do however enjoy eating out and trying new restaurants. My favourite food by far is sushi and I always try to find a sushi restaurant if I’m away on holiday.

I like to travel, enjoying both city breaks and the occasional chilled holiday but I get a bit bored sitting around too much.

I have a list of things to try/learn which I’m hoping to get through. These include archery, learning a foreign language and lots more.

Personal statement

I feel that coaching came quite naturally to me as I had previously trained with Davie and Pablo at DMC and felt that each coaching session was an opportunity to learn rather than a just a training session. This stood me in good stead when I started on my own coaching journey and it’s something that I always try to make sure I emulate in my own coaching.

I definitely feel that improving someone’s knowledge of health and fitness is much more important than just giving them a workout.

I love to work with those who want to learn.

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