Platinum Personal Training


The DMC Platinum Program is our flagship 12-week programme and is, in our opinion one of the best health and fitness coaching programs available today. Here is an overview of the content within the Platinum Program.

12 weekly one-hour private coaching 1-2-1 sessions.

All information comes along with a professionally designed and produced 80-page manual.

All of the movement based content comes along with a series of professionally shot ‘how to’ videos.

Individually tailored training program. Designed around your own level of ability, lifestyle, and schedule.

In-depth food and eating review with weekly guidance to ensure maximum health and vitality. This also comes along with a selection of cookery videos, recipes, and blogs.

Detailed goal setting and goal achievement coaching.

Fitness assessments and body statistic measurements recorded at the start, and on completion of the program both accompanied by detailed analysis and reports of results with individual and overall improvements.

Access to the DMC Fitness members area which houses all our video content.

Entry to our closed private DMC Fitness Student motivation and accountability group.

Regular weekly emails and communication from DMC.

Davie McConnachie’s 100% satisfaction guarantee (t&c’s apply).

One of the DMC coaches will guide you through this programme whilst teaching you everything from performing the correct warm-up and cool-down routines to bodyweight circuit training, goal setting and goal achievement and eating advice for optimal health and vitality.

Whatever you need we will tailor the routine to fit perfectly into your lifestyle. We make it specific to your own personal goals.

We understand that every person that comes to our training programs are unique and that they will need different levels of training. We make our programs suit to your own level and overall ability.

We have a solid philosophy and process that we teach however it’s a guideline and our programs are not the one glove fits all type. They are tailored to the goals, ability, lifestyle and schedule of the person we are coaching.


The DMC Platinum Programme is what the DMC Crew are famous for. It’s this very programme that got DMC Fitness short-listed for the following prestigious National Fitness Awards in 2014 & 2015

  • UK Gym of the Year
  • Scottish Gym of the Year
  • UK Functional Training Facility of the Year



We were the only privately owned 1-2-1 coaching facility in the UK to be shortlisted out of 1000’s of entries, so we’ve been recognised for our high standards.

In 2015 we were shortlisted again and this time we came first runner-up in the Scottish Gym of the Year category.


The DMC Platinum program is our most popular 12-week personal training package and can be taught to anyone from someone looking to start fitness training who has never exercised before to the experienced regular gym user.

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