Exercising during Covid-19

Preparing for lockdown…  As the COVID 19 Pandemic spreads it’s imperative that we prepare for lockdown.  If you are worried anxious and stressing about your health then get in touch we can help you improve this very quickly.  All of our clients are still enjoying their weekly coaching and accountability sessions. We have availability so […]

Dealing With Isolation

With the Covid-19 epidemic in full swing, here in the UK, we are all being urged to stay at home and self isolate as much as possible. This brings with it many challenges. I say “challenges” because although things seem surreal and impossible right now, there are ways to deal with it effectively and stay […]

How To Prevent Neck Pain

by Pablo Jareno Today, I’d like to continue on from my last blog, Stop Being A Pain In Neck. If you haven’t already, please go back and give it a read. In it, I share some of the common causes of neck pain. Now that we’ve established the causes, it’s time to move on to […]