Goal Setting Mapping Out the Route to Personal Success

It’s the time of year that people like to set goals or more importantly make New Year’s resolutions. Come the first of January people all over the country will be saying I’m going to lose weight this year I am going to get fit and healthy, I’m going to stop smoking, I’m going to get a new job, find a girl friend , learn to fly, climb a mountain become a film star the list goes on and on.

Sad to say normally by the second week of January these resolutions have either been broken or have never really been started. I’m sure if we all put our hands on our hearts we will at some point in our lives have been culprit to this.

Ideas and goals are two completely separate things. Most people when they make a New Year’s resolution have an idea of something they want to change in their life. This only become s a goal when it has a precise definite outcome, is given a timeline and then a route map, plan, call it what you want is designed, or laid out so that the person can actually achieve the goal.

The Internet is awash with so many different goals setting systems, programs follow ons ect ect. What I am going to do in this blog is talk about how I set my goals, then map out the plan and follow through with the actions to achieve the set target.

I was first introduced to goals setting by Tony Robins when I followed his get the edge listen along audio Cd program. This was way back at the start of my journey around 8 years ago. The Cd’s were gifted to me by my then Sifuand now life coach and Mixed Martial Arts Coach John McKean.

Why Have Goals?

Goals are important in life.  Its a must that we develop ourselves personally and progress through life with passion, excitement and a reason to be here. Everyone has a purpose and most all of us will have a dream.  Goal setting is the route to success in any avenue of our lives.  Last year between all the different departments of my life (more on that from Martin Rooney here ) I set myself thirty different goals and none of them soft. I am proud to say I had a 95% success rate. (the ones I didn’t achieve are to be carried over into this year). The biggest ones being sourcing, leasing, renovating and then opening my own full time training facility while taking on another two fulltime employees and secondly achieving a certain level of financial turnover within my company. Without first defining these goals then writing them down and further planning the route I was to take I wouldn’t have been able to achieve them.


Goals must be,

and each goal must have a Time line.


For me to say my 2012 goal is to fly to the moon do a jig on one leg, steal some moon dust, have all this done by may 2012 and to attain this I will use the law of attraction and bash myself over the head with the secret every morning while doing said jig on one leg, is the correct format but is this goal realistic well we all know the answer to that.

However having a dream which them becomes a vision and thus a goal with the outcome reality is a different process and one which takes a tad longer and a much deeper thought process.

Planning Your Goals.

It matters not what your goals is it can be anything you want it to be. The first thing you have to do is define that goal then go and write it down. From there you have to look at what is involved in achieving that goal. So for taking sake if fat loss is your goal then firstly how much fat do you want to lose, what will you have to do in order to achieve said fat loss?

Once you have measured what is involved and have these areas worked out then you have to organise them all and plan how you are going implement each section into your daily and weekly routine.

So stages specific, measured, realistic, are covered only attainable and the time it is going to take you are left to cover off.

Is the said goal of fat loss attainable? Of course it is especially if you have professional coaching to help you along the way.

Lastly timeline, how long is it going to take you to achieve the goal. This all depends on you! How much you desire the goal, how motivated and disciplined you are and effectively how hard you are willing to try and what you are willing to give up in order to finish the task.

It has to be noted that anything worth having that you don’t have just now will take hard work; it will take sacrifices of some sort. That doesn’t mean that it won’t be great fun and ultimately rewarding at the end.

Once you have achieved your first set of goals then you have the blue print to personal success and achievement. I was by no means the brightest pupil in the class but over the last decade setting myself goals writing them down, planning them out, and working my way towards them have allowed me to achieve what I have done so far.

Having a goal in life is a great way to keep you focused, to give you a purpose, to allow yourself to develop into a better more skilful, educated, experienced, and successful person. This life is short and will have passed us by before we even know it.

If I were to ask you right now what is your purpose in life????? What is your goal?????? Could you give me the answer? If its yes then bravo to you I truly wish you all the good fortune a happy life can bring. If the answer is no then book in some private time with you a pad and a bit of paper and start scribbling.

Thanks for reading

Until the next time

“Strength For Life”


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