The Art of Happiness

Happiness is definitely an art. The more I read about how to be happy the more techniques I pick up to trial, test and measure.

It’s a digital era and where most people spend to much time on Facebook, ( me included ) I prefer to use my phone for more produce stuff.

Everyday I start it with my gratitude questions –

Today I am  grateful for…..

Today I am excited about…..

Today I love….. and ….. love me

Today I am passionate about…..

Today I will….. (positive statement of intention, e.g. be more compassionate caring and understanding).

But before I do that I warm my brain and emotions up by using instaframe and Flipagram.


Here you can see an example.

Making these tools is simple

Stage 1 – pull all the photos together you want to use and save them in a album.

Stage 2 – using instaframe make collages of photos you want to pull together.

Stage 3 – using flipagram upload all photos from album then pick the track you want to use. Upload and review.

Stage 4 – upload to YouTube and it will be viewable for as long as YouTube is live.

These techniques are fresh, new and fun. It’s a great way to be able to program your own emotional happiness and love in happy positive memories.

My advice would be get downloading the free apps and start using them to create some instant positive, emotional, programming.

To health, happiness and “Strength for Life”,


“Davie McConnachie is a proud dad and family man, peak performance coach and health and fitness expert.  A multiple business owner, successful entrepreneur,  NLP Master Practitioner, Writer, Poet and Public Speaker”

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