Goal review 2012 so far

In January I shared my thoughts on goals setting and the system I use and I reveiwed my goals from 2011 and planned my goals for 2012.  Time to have a look back over the last 12 weeks or so and see where I am at and workout where I am going. In my health […]

IKFF CKT Level 1. DMC Fitness June 16 & 17 2012

Wow, what a weekend.  Almost four years since I was first introduced to the IKFF family and community a couple of weekends ago I had the great pleasure of hosting Glasgow’s first IKFF Certified Kettlebell Teachers Course in my own facility. To say I was honoured was an understatement and I really couldn’t have asked […]

Return On Investment – R.O.I

I work in a results based industry and from the offset, I have always successfully delivered exceptional life-changing results when coaching my students through our very own health and fitness program. I am intensely passionate about the coaching that my crew, my company, and myself deliver; the experience and services we offer; the environment our […]