The Benefits of Alkalinity

THE BENEFITS OF AN ALKALINE DIET Guest Post by Pablo Jareno What is alkalinity? Alkalinity can come under different terms, whether it is used in a biology or chemistry context, but Wikipedia defines alkalinity as the following: Alkalinity is the name given to the quantitative capacity of an aqueous solution to neutralize an acid. Measuring […]

Our Thoughts on Cow’s Milk

Guest Post by Pablo Jareno “You need milk to keep your bones healthy!” This is the myth that was drummed into me by my parents and the media’s clever advertising campaigns, but is this information that we’ve been exposed to for so many years actually true? The Harvard School of Public Health and Harvard Medical […]

The Benefits of Supplementation

The Benefits of Supplementation – guest post by Pablo Jareno Head Coach DMC Fitness I remember when I first heard about ‘supplements’, and all I knew on the subject was that people who go to the gym take them to help grow bigger muscles. However, once I started to investigate a little further, and see […]