Training For Warriors Certification. Martin Rooney

Being in the company of Martin Rooney is infectious whether standing out front delivering lectures or bugged eyed and buzzing coaching you training the man is energy personified. With an easy going manner he stood addressing the room, teaching us, encouraging us and sharing the stories of his life and his luck. Last weekend the […]

Yesterday’s Workout Sunday 17-7-2011

Today’s focus was strength  and hypertrophy with a bit of conditioning at the end. Full DMC mobility routine then trigger point therapy on the grid followed by specific dynamic stretching To get a bigger sweat on we started with 10 x Turkish Get Ups on each arm I used a 16kgs Jules a 12kgs. Pull […]

Todays Workout Sunday 10th July 2011

Today like every Sunday me and Jules went to the commercial gym in Falkirk to get our training done.  Jules mum Mary looks after Lewis so we can go and get a sweat on and this allows us to train for longer should we need or want to. It also gives ample time for a […]

Today’s workout Sunday 26th June 2011

Went to the gym today to get stuck into the Sunday routine we are running at the moment.  It’s a cardio kettlebell barbell and bodyweight routine as it is week 3 I wanted to go in attack it and get PB’s while upping weights and doing a higher volume of reps where possible.  Very, very […]