How to Survive the Festive Period and Still Stay Fit, Strong and Healhty

The festive season is awesome!!!!! Most of us get to see old friends and spend quality time with out families. There is usually abundance of food and someone ready to chin-chin your glass or open a beer. Days can be spent eating and drinking until our heart’s content and most people put caution to the […]

Personal Training ………. Thats’s Way Too Expensive

Hello again I want to tell you all about a conversation I had last week in a chance meeting over coffee with a regular commercial gym user acquaintance of mine.  We were discussing the topic of personal training and his opinion was that it was very expensive.  He didn’t see the point in paying someone […]

A Selection of Favourite DMC Recipes

DMC Super Smoothie Ingredients 1 large banana Small handfuls of mixed raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, strawberries 1 handful of mixed nuts (optional) 1 large spoonful of organic peanut butter 1 handful of ice cubes 6-8 (optional) 1  handful of spinach, some asparagus stalks and half avocado 1 or 2 teaspoonfuls of pure honey 1 glass water […]