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Back when I was actively competing on the Mixed Martial Arts circuit I developed a friendship with Kad from Musclebound in Paisley.  This friendship blossomed and he became my sponsor allowing me a monthly allowance to spend on the products he had in his shop.  I was and still am very proud of the friendship we have and that along with Big G.C we were the first ever athletes sponsored by him in that way.

Back then I was naive and believed to keep my muscle I would have to be eating 2g of protein per pound of body weight. Also it was a must to take creatine and glutamine while always eating five small meals  a day and ensuring I had food in me within 15 mins of me finishing exercise because if I didn’t my muscles (not that there is a huge amount of them) would instantly disappear.

Most of this knowledge came from other professionals and hear say rumours.  As I have already admitted I was naive.  I took the word of other people because they were usually more experienced and in better shape.

How times have changed and just because someone says it, reads it or because a supplement company sponsors a scientific study who’s results will allow them to peddle their ways to the millions doesn’t really truly mean it’s true or it works.  Brad Pillon helps to address some of these points in the literature he produces and he is still a go to guy of mine when I look for outside the box information on the specifics of diet and fat loss.

In this blog post I will discuss the needs for mineral supplementation and their importance.  I will discuss what I do, where I gained the information, who from and what works for me. Self experiment is the key.

Like anything health and fitness related it’s never a one glove fits all.  However there are measure you can take to help assist your sleep recovery, stress reduction, and overall performance and it’s my intention to share the knowledge I have with my students and readers.

All the products I talk about, I use and I will not try to sell you any…………..  I have a limited knowledge of the supplement mine field so will keep it brief and simple.

“I take supplements because I address my recovery, aiming towards optimal health” – Davie McConnachie.


I use electrolytes post training because I am a sweaty beast.  I want to help replenish the chloride, sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium I lose while I sweat profusely.  This will assist me in the re-hydration process while I drink my standard post training litre of still bottled water.

Back in the day I would be guzzling the latest very sweet and good tasting muscle pumping protein powder thinking I had to preserve muscle.  These day its water and a few salty tablets of electrolytes to stop my body from cramping and to give some oil to the engine.  This is the product I use.  Link to my protein

Magnesium Spray

Once I have trained and after my shower I spray my body with magnesium oil.  I first was advised to do this by Mike Mahler and have been doing so ever since.  I will let him describe why it is important; there is a great video to watch also.  Mike is an amazing coach, teacher and presenter and I thoroughly enjoyed spending a weekend last year under his guidance.  This is the magnesium spray I use.


After a good work out I have re-hydrated, sprayed my magnesium oil and started the recovery process.  That night before bed and well after evening meal I will take some ZMA caps.  Here is why ZMA is important.  I will leave top sports nutritionist and supplementation expert Laurent Bannock of GuruPerformance  to explain.  You get some crazy dreams when taking ZMA and the best night’s sleep.   It’s a great product.


If I have had a very heavy days training and was stuck for time and couldn’t eat properly or if I wanted a snack at night, this is when I would use a protein powder.  My choice of powder is Sunwarrior for the simple reason it’s very clean, won’t cause any stomach bloating, is not made from dairy, has no bulking agents or sweeteners, and it is suitable for vegans to consume.  Mike Mahler being a vegan himself promotes it as a super food and you can make the best cookies out of it as well.

So there you have it the vitamins, minerals and recovery products I use on a daily basis.  I will share a few other products with you also that I like and that help me with my training.


Testosterone Booster

Phytoserms 347.  Is a balbine netalisis based natural testosterone booster.  I was encouraged to trial this by Mike Mahler and the first course I did was amazing.  It’s a very good clean product that gives great gains and assists you in your strength training and more importantly increases you recovery time.  The only downsides are is it is always out of stock and you feel like you are 17 again in certain ways.   When it does appear on the market everyone bulk buys and it’s hard to purchase.  All the same a great product and my favourite strength helper.  Here is a great review from a no gear (steroid) taking more mature and experienced lifter.

Pre Workout Intensifiers.

I like a buzz, I like stimulants, I do I’m not going to lie to you.  After a long week coaching, running the business and training hard, when it get to the final workout sometimes I need a wee boost to get me in the zone.  My favourite pre workout drink is Jack3d.  It has a great blend of components that get you sharpened up mentally and ready for your workout.  As most of my workouts are strength conditioning endurance circuit based, you don’t really get a huge pump which I like.  Since I have trailed Jack3d I have also tried Hemo Rage, which I liked and have ordered again.  Neurocore  which has a dodgy taste and Jules liked this one more than me P-abs and Grant and we tried Assualt due to it great reviews but I still have two thrids of the tub in the cuboard so you can guess what we think ofr that.  None of them are anywhere near Jack3d.

These are the vitamins, minerals, and pre and post workout supplements I like and prefer to use and the reason behind doing so.

No doubt this will be added to over the coming years.  If you do not use any of these and you train hard and want to help your recovery, thrive towards optimal health or get buzzed before a tough workout then give them a go.  It’s a trial, error, test and measure scenario.

Thanks for reading


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