Goal review 2012 so far

In January I shared my thoughts on goals setting and the system I use and I reveiwed my goals from 2011 and planned my goals for 2012.  Time to have a look back over the last 12 weeks or so and see where I am at and workout where I am going.

In my health and fitness goals I have achieved my first Girevoy Sport competition and have many more to compete in during the coming years.  I have started my own G-Sport team and will be blogging about that here very soon. 15 team members and growing. more on that soon.

I ran out of time to box as I am now too o35 years young s the cut off point.  I can still take part in white collar shows and have opportunity to do that in November.

My MMA goal is till alive and I will focus on that later in the year also.

CrossFit Glasgo is all a goal in progress looking forward to getting my Olympic Lifting up to scratch before I go get my sweat on with them.

My strength and conditioning goals stay the same as do my diet and bodyshape. The positves to come out of quarter 1 2012.

I am training and moving everyday and loving it all.  Weekly detailed and recorded upper / lower split training, heavy lifitng sessions, sprints, long walks, extedned mobility and stretching sessions, boxing, kickboxing.

I am sleeping well and eating propelry

I am taking the corect supplements, vitamins and minerals

I am spending quality time with my family.

All my business goals ahve been achieved for quarter one and my house is in order. Thanks to my coach Forbes

I have been working on me as a person with the help of Brian Costello and Sifu John McKean

All in all life is great we are all fit nealthy and happy.  i have another child on the way for me jules and lewis to care for.

My students are doing amazing and every week we are changing peoples lives


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