High Volume Training Sunday Session 2-10-2011

Two weeks ago Jules and I started a new phase of training and went back to High Volume Training.  The goal of this phase was to master the technical aspects of the barbell back squat and the bench press a mention to Smitty Diesel and the Diesel Crew goes out here as I studied his videos and read through all his post regarding these lifts.

We love training it’s our hobby it’s what keeps us happy, sane and switched on, so getting up at 7.30am on a Sunday morning to get the family ready, drop the wee dude off at his granny’s and be in the gym for 10am is no bother.  Our time in the gym is about 3 hours this includes warm up and cool down which takes between them around 45 mins to 1 hour, as we are going to be hitting 35-40 sets of compound movements warm up and proper post exercise recovery are imperative.   I am sure there will be a book or training theory somewhere saying what we are doing is wrong but we love it its works for us and after the last phase of HVT (High Volume Training) we were in great shape, had no niggles and loved the challenge.

The goal for the next 10 weeks of this program is to increase strength, mass, and hypertrophy so all sets are geared toward 10 reps.  We are dieting through this phase as well as we have media commitments coming up and we want to look strong and leaner for this.

I designed the program we are following and its progressions.  At times during the Bench press we use the rest pause system to complete all reps with perfect technique.

Incline Bench Press 3 x10 DMC – 50-60-55 .. JM 30-30-35

Flat Bench press 3×10.  DMC – 57.5-62.5-65 .. JM 37.5-40-40

Barbell Back Squat  DMC6x10x 50-60-65-70-75-60– (1 warm up set 1 back off set and 4 work sets). .. JM 5x10x50  we are working on Jules depth at present .. My goal here is 100kgs for 10 reps

Weighted Chins – work towards 15 reps in as least sets as possible, remove load and complete another 15 reps again in as little sets as possible.  DMC BW+15kgs Plate 3×4-1×3. BW only 9-4-2.  Jules =25 all 5,3 and 2’s

Stiff Leg Romanian Deadlift 4×10 DMC 60-70-70-60 .. JM 4x10x50kgs

Barbell Bent Over Row 4×10 DMC 60-65-67.5-60 (only managed 8 o n these) ..JM 4x10x40kg

Barbell + Kettlebell Standing Over Head Press 3 sets of each varying reps and loads we start with barbell and do 10 reps with a lighter load then set 2 we go to the kettlebells and do 5 reps with a heavier load in set 3 we go heavier on the barbell and do 5 reps then set 4 lighter on the kettlebell and 10 reps.  On the last 2 sets we have a medium load and take both sets to 1 rep before failure.  DMC barbell = 40/50 KB’s = 24/20 .. JM BB = 30 KB’s = 2×16’s.

The last exercise before the finisher is parallel bar dips aiming towards 30 reps in as little sets as possible. DMC = x15 8-7-9-6 .. JM 4x10x20-20-25-25

The finisher is,

Burpees x10

Single Arm Kettlebell Snatches (heaviest load possible) DMC 1x24kgs (1st time  have managed 5×10 with this weight) .. JM 1x12kgs

Push Ups to failure

X Body Mountain Climbers x10

Sprint Starts x10

Plank x 30 secs

Rest for 60 seconds and then complete 4 more rounds so 5 in total.

All in all a great session and room for lots of progression over the next 10 weeks.  We will keep you posted on how we are getting on.

Until the next time

Stay strong


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