I’ve been journaling now since 2014.

I started it on the advice of my mentor Andy Harrington my first ever mind coach Brian Costello. 

Then after reading the excellent book Essentialism, The disciplined pursuit of less by Greg McKeown I realised I was a journalist in its truest form.

In this great article Stacia Pierce shares how music superstar Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas beat her addiction to crystal meth with journaling.  Stacia also shares her top 12 reasons to journal.

  1. To capture your brilliant ideas
  2. To ponder and pen your big dreams
  3. To get clarity. if your foggy about an issue write it out
  4. To help you solve problems faster
  5. To chart what works
  6. To track your past victories
  7. To plan and strategies
  8. To create a successful action routine
  9. To take control over your future
  10. For self-improvement
  11. To help you through the decision-making process
  12. to keep you in a state of gratefulness

I agree with them my favourite is number 12

Legendary high-performance coach and motivational speaker Jim Rohn share his beliefs on the importance of journaling in the video below.

I love to look back through my older journaling and contrast and compare then and now. Also, it will be great to sit with Lewis and James when they are older and reflect.

I encouraged everyone to start a journal. The impact it can have is incredible and it only takes 10 – 15 mins each day to do.

As always if I can ever be of assistance to you please get in touch via

To health, happiness and “Strength for Life”


Davie McConnachie is a very proud dad and committed family man. He is the creator of DMC Fitness and Dynamic Mind Conditioning.  

An expert high-performance coach, multi-award winning professional motivational speaker, award-winning gym owner, writer and published poet.

Athletically Davie has competed nationally in MMA, Boxing and Thai Boxing. Internationally in kettlebell sport, enjoyed the London Marathon, several half marathons and is a regular mountain trekker.