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Hello this is the blog of Glasgow Personal Trainer Davie McConnachie.

Ok I know I have been chewing people’s ears off, just about anyone who will listen and some who won’t about how much new found energy I have.  It’s not only me its Jules Mairi, Caralyn and Diane as well.  With Jules still breast feeding Lewis she is supplement free.   In the last couple of weeks we have all achieved  great weight/fat loss resutls and strength personal best (one being 40 pull ups all straight sets to put that into perspective I was doing 5 sets of 3 a month ago) and Jules has achieved 8 (2 full dead hang to chin above bar chins up being one of them) .

We have been training like complete animals and every session has been amazing. My energy has been so high that I have had to force myself to take a rest day.  On the weekend my reload day has been a food fest eating 4-5 full meals and enjoying every mouthful while still losing weight / inches.

In one day my meals were at noon 2x apples 60g sunwarrior protein shake, a huge tub of mixed nuts. At night around 6 hours later meal 1 was a 6 egg omelette with 3 peppers and half bag spinach.  Meal 2 3x cod fillets and mixed veg.  Meal 3 mixed berries; diary free ice cream drizzled with crushed nuts honey and melted organic black and white chocolate.  After this day I got up and was still a pound lighter than the day before.

In the space of 14 days I had lost 9lbs in weight 2 full inches from around my belly button and had brought my body fat down by 2%.  The best thing throughout all this is I have a new found drive and energy that is electrifying.  A client described me as a born again fitness guy.   I thought I was doing things right before but obviously was still to find this path.

To compare previously I was also training and eating for fat loss.  I had been keeping a food diary for one of my coaches and in comparison some chocolate at the weekend was the worst we had.  The only starch we would eat was a little rice or sweet potato and only on training days and the odd packet of wheat free oatcakes. Pablo has recorded my stats, body fat %, waist to hip ratio and weight.  In 5 weeks we will be doing a check stats and I will be posting up the results.

After feeling the effects of these changes and adaptations I encouraged a few of my female clients to test and measure the effects of these changes on themselves.  Between the 5 of us we have lost an accumulated 24lbs not a bad resturn in two weeks.

Everyone has been feeling a new rise in energy levels although some did go through a kind of detoxification in the first week I didnt experience this but from what I was told it wasnt very nice and proof that their bodies couldnt function properly with the foods they had been eating.

So what changes have I implemented to produce this amazing increase in energy which has produced harder training quicker recovery and a new found buzz for life?

1- Increased my magnesium zinc and vitamin A intake with a ZMA supplement a night and a magnesium spray daily after showering.

2- Adapted my nutrient timing 1st meal of the day around lunch time at night 1-3 large meals

3- Removed all starches, swapped  hi GI fruits and veggies for low GI while increasing our fat intake from coconut oils, nuts, seeds,humous and eating low GI fruits and veggies, protein coming from oily  fish, chicken, meat and Sunwarrior rice protein.

4- Pre workout drink of either BCAA’s or a Mike Mahler recipe power shake

5- Post workout shake of sun warrior and green machine probitoics plus electrolytes 1 hour after training.

6- Progressive fat burning cardio strength based training program.

7- 8 hours good sleep per night.

8- More mobility grid rolling and dynamic stretching.

9- Decreased my caffeine intake no more Starbucks.

10- Having daily Davie time clearing my head and relaxing my brain.

So there is the formula that has been working for me and us (all highlighted words when clicked will take you to the product in question) obviously people are different and it may not suit everyone’s tastes however I would advise that you test and measure, if it works for you then it’s all good.  There is so much misinformative infromation out there that it is hard to understand who should be listened to and what should be done.

My advice is to follow what the late great Bruce Lee said,

“”Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do.”


“Absorb what is useful, discard what is not, add what is uniquely your own”.

Find what works for you through trial and error test and measure and when you have it down make it work even better for you.  It has taken me many years to get here but as each year passes I learn more about myself which allows me to transform my students even quicker.

All in all this has been a great return from an investment in time and fees for a fantastic weekend  training in the company of the top kettlebell teachers in Britain while under the tuition of one of the world’s greatest fitness information providers.  Mr Mike Mahler I will be forever grateful for him coming to Scotland as this will be looked upon as a turning point in my growth as a student of fitness, athlete, and quality fitness information provider.

Yours in fitness


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