Weekly Review – South Africa Cont.

Time again to review my week.  It’s been another glorious week in Port Elizabeth, Sardinia Bay. There have been some magical moments and great memories made.  We’ve sang along to The Eagles, swam in the scorching sun, laughed, walked along the Sacramento trail, listened to the waves crash on the ocean, ate some amazing food, […]

Stress And Its Effects

On The Body If there was ever a time where you should not recreate the wheel it is now.  The video below featuring Dr Bruce Lipton demonstrates what happens to our bodies when way too much cortisol is manufactured in our physiology. In a side note, how epic are our bodies. The chemistry that goes […]

Student Spotlight – David Wood

Name –  David Wood Age – 44 Occupation –  Project Manager, Civil Engineer. Approx length of time with DMC – Since 2010 (9 years) What new skills have you learned during your time with DMC?  I train hard in strength, agility, cross training.  I am going back to my youth and doing some martial arts training, kick boxing […]

Weekly Review – South Africa

It’s been another great week. As a company we delivered 83 1-2-1 expert personal training and health and wellness coaching sessions. We had 5 enquires. We did 4 taster sessions and welcomed Ellie, Alex, Christie & Joe in to the DMC Fitness Crew. I did two conscious acts of kindness by donating £100 cash and […]

Student Spotlight – Abi Judge

Name –  Abi Judge Age – 47 Occupation –  Freelance TV producer Approx length of time with DMC – 3 years How has personal training with DMC helped you in the following areas? Professional life – For me it has been particularly beneficial to how I’ve felt mentally and emotionally because the fitness helps me deal with stress […]