Park Workout Sunday 21-8-2011

We went to the park today (Kings Park) in Falkirk.  We parked in the street nearest the entrance and got our kettlebells and kit together along with baby Lewis in the pram all going well Jules and I would get a good hours training and the wee dude would watch play with his toys and then get a wee kip.

We found a training area with some good strong branches and a frame not that far away that we could use for pull ups.

Settled KB’s at the ready and the TRx slung over the sturdiest branch I could find ( warmachine was in the studio…. Will bring it next time though as I have a plan) we got ourselves warmed up usual DMC mobility routine then a bit of walking lunges, jumping jacks, jogging forward and back with a few changes in direction heel flicks and high knees and then we were ready to rock.

Part a) DMC “High Pull” Kettlebell Combination Lift.  This drill is as follows

1- Swings

2- High Pulls

3-Squats (KB’s in rack)

4- Push Press

5- Snatch

6- Reverse Split Split Squat (KB’s outside knees I call this the handbag position)

7- Clean and Press

With all combination lifts or Complexes the aim is to complete all reps without putting the Kettlebells down,

Round 1, Davie 2×16’s x 5 reps – Jules 2×12’s x 5 reps

Round 2, Davie 2×16’s x 10 reps – Jules due to  low back fatigue and to stop injury dropped to single 12 she did 10 reps each side

Round 3, same as round 2

Round 4 , I did 6 reps each lift and Jules 10 each lift each arm

Round 5, I did 5 reps and again Jules did 10.

After each Kb Combo lift we rested 2 mins and I did 5 pull ups hanging from a thick plank of wood about 10ft in the air I had to climb on a park bench to reach it, Jules was too small to reach it so she did TRx Chins x 5 with a slight assistance from me.

Part b) Tabatta’s, we did 4 tabatta’s

1- KB Swings, I used 2×16’s and managed 60 reps, Jules used 1×12 (which was light for her ) and did 96

2- Full Push Ups (chin to concrete / grass)  I did 59 reps and Jules did 70 ( strong girl)

3 – Prisoner Squats, I did 96 Jules did 92 ( got a real good quad pump with this felt like a dead leg)

4- TRx Inverted Rows (legs straight) I did 50 reps (forearms proper jacked) and  Jules did 60

We finished with a walk to the car Jules pushing the pram with Lewis, all the kit and the 2×12’s and me using the 2×16’s as a bit of a farmers walk fully squeezing the KB’s the whole 500m to the car.

Great session was really good to train outside and something we will aim to do every week.  Now off to take the wee man for a swim and recover.

Until the next time, stay strong


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