Today’s workout Sunday 26th June 2011

Went to the gym today to get stuck into the Sunday routine we are running at the moment.  It’s a cardio kettlebell barbell and bodyweight routine as it is week 3 I wanted to go in attack it and get PB’s while upping weights and doing a higher volume of reps where possible.  Very, very tired today after a hard weeks training hit double and sometimes treble training sessions last week working through density, lactic acid, strength and metabolic conditioning modalities all in all its been a good week.  Had a rest recovery and stretch day yesterday.  I was yawning through the warm up but by the time I had finished the T.G.Up’s we were ready to rock

Full DMC mobility then grid rolling (SMR) then specific dynamic stretching and broom handle work to finish.

Ex 1) Turkish Get Ups 10 reps each side with 16kgs


Ex 2) is a bodyweight and barbell hybrid

a) Chins x5

b) Dips x5

c) Elevated push ups x5

d) X body mountain climbers x10 each side,

then move to the barbell clean from hang and a straight overhead press (no legs) x 5

Do 3 rounds resting 60 secs between rounds.

Chins body weight plus 10kgs plate 1×5-4-3-2-1 3 set did rest pause (personal best)

Dips 3×5 bodyweight

Push ups 3×10

X body MC’s 3×20

Barbell clean from hang into straight overhead press 3×5 with 40kgs


Ex 3) JC Leg Krank all with bodyweight

a) Squats x24

b) Lunges 12 forward 12 back

c) Lunge jumps x24

d) Squat jumps x26

Total reps 100 quick breather when needed quality over quantity here.


Ex 4) Swing Snatch Combo’s  reps 10/10all sets done with 2x16kgs and alternating between “Mahler” Style and GS Style 60 secs rest between sets.

Did 4 rounds of this it’s usually 3 feeling a lot stronger than week 1 with this.

Ex 5) Bodyweight Hybrid

a) Burpee into

b) Tuck jump into

c) Sprint start

rep scheme 10-10-30 we do 5 rounds of this week I did round 4 and 5 together so doubled up was tough but kind of fun.


Ex 6) Kettlebell Combo Drill

a) Swing

b) Clean

c) Thruster

d) Snatch

usually done with single bell but went to double 16’s today

rep scheme ladder format 1-2-3 wee rest 4-5 this is a fun way of getting lots of reps done

————————————————————————————————————————————–Ex7) Abs and core work to finish

a) Hanging knee raise front x 10 side to side x10 each side (no rest) front x10 these were super settled with calf extension x15.

b) Windmills with 1x16kg x10 reps each side

c) Abs wheel roll out 3×10 (full extension chin to floor) 60 secs rest between sets

d) Plank to finish total time 4 mins,  2min normal plank straight into side planks 30 second intervals keep knees up throughout  (this was a personal best also)


Finished off with a good stretch and cool down concentrating on all tight muscle groups.

Off now to eat my way through the rest of today as it is our official reload day.

Speak soon and stay strong


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