Todays Workout Sunday 10th July 2011

Today like every Sunday me and Jules went to the commercial gym in Falkirk to get our training done.  Jules mum Mary looks after Lewis so we can go and get a sweat on and this allows us to train for longer should we need or want to. It also gives ample time for a good 30 mins warm up and a long and relaxing stretch afterwards.  Usually I design a program or a routine before we go but today I did it on the spot before the warm up.  We both have the same goals, get stronger and leaner while having certain exercise / plane of movement we both want to improve on.

Here is the workout we did today,

Full DMC warm up including Mobility, SMR aka Grid Rolling, Tube Work and Dynamic Stretches

a) Chins  x 50 – 40 Bodyweight (BW) + 10kgs plate hanging between knees . 5’s 4’s and 3”s 10 x BW only 6-4. 50 reps is a personal best for me, a couple of years ago I was struggling to pull my bodyweight in a vertical plain of motion a couple of times now I am banging out reps weighted.  I used to look at guys doing this with envy while knowing that I would get there one day.  Jules did 30 full unassisted Chins all 3’s and 2’s her technique was clean on all reps and I am well proud of her for building her strength up and mastering an exercise that is very challenging indeed.

b) Barbell Bent Over Row into Clean from Hang into Over Head Press.  I did these with a 40kgs barbell and Jules used a 25kgs.  Each movement was done for 5 reps and Jules did 6 sets while I did 10 this was to marry up our vertical pushing with our vertical pulling.

c) Jules then moved on to a dumbbell incline press supersetted with a single arm dumbbell row again 5 reps each exercise and 5 full sets, dumbbells used incline press 2×16’s rows 22kgs.  I missed this one out.

d) Was Dips I did these with my bodyweight (95kgs) and the aim was for 25 reps done in 6-5-5-5-4.  Jules did 25 reps also 5×5 with 15kgs assistance.

We then moved to the finisher / cardio part of the workout here we were to do a combo drill.  Single Arm Snatches into Burpee into Sprint Start & X Body Mountain Climbers.  This was done in a countdown and back up protocol 10-1 then 1-10. Jules used a 12kgs and I used a 16kgs

Once that was complete Jules went for a 15 min steady run ( a blister from snatching stopped her from skipping) and I skipped for 15 mins.  We both then cooled down stretch off and started the recovery procedure.

A great session and yet again the best one we have both produced this year.  Getting stronger is great fun and we both love it and as with mastering anything good “repetition is the mother of skill”.

Who know what next week will bring, we look forward to the challenges already.

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Stay strong and go get a sweat on


One thought on “Todays Workout Sunday 10th July 2011

  1. Fantastic session yesterday Im loving the way we are training just now, feeling very strong and all my increase in reps/weights is coming along nicely in everything. Wee hand is sore from snatching though – I now have a lovely open wound! Lol. Never mind all in aid of a good cause. Looking forward to what next Sunday session will bring – we only have another 1 before my big 30th!! x

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