Yesterday’s Workout Sunday 17-7-2011

Today’s focus was strength  and hypertrophy with a bit of conditioning at the end.

Full DMC mobility routine then trigger point therapy on the grid followed by specific dynamic stretching

To get a bigger sweat on we started with 10 x Turkish Get Ups on each arm I used a 16kgs Jules a 12kgs.

Pull Ups was next I set a total number of 40 we let the sets take care of themselves I did these body weight only (95kgs) and reps were 8-5-5-3-4-4-7 (got talking so had much longer rest than the normal 60 secs)-4.  Jules did hers with assistance 20-25kgs and 8 sets of 5.

Next was Walking Barbell Over Head Lunges as we hadn’t done this exercise before we started very light but quickly moved up the weights next time we will start a lot heavier so we did 4 sets of 10 lunges each leg with 15-20-25 and 30 kgs barbell.

From there we moved onto Chins these were done with body weight the goals was 20 reps in total Jules did 2 sets of 3’s 2 sets of 2’s and on the last 2 sets she did 5’s with 2 reps on her own and me assisting with my thumbs on the last 3 reps.  I did 9-3-4-4

Time for a JC leg krank which is 24 squats 24 lunges 24 lunge jumps and 26 squat jumps this was timed I did it in 3 mins 45 secs and Jules in 2 min 58.  Technique is paramount on this no half reps full range ass to grass baby its quality movement not quantity.

Next was Barbell Bench Press super setted with Barbell Bent Over Row as we haven’t been doing this either for a long time didn’t go that heavy we did first 3 x S/S with the bench press on an incline I used 50kg Jules used 25kgs on the B.O.R . I used an underhand close grip to get a bit of bicep action in there.  Last set was flat bench same load.

Bulgarian Split Squats were next 2 sets of 15 reps each leg using our body weight.  I changed the angles on this by putting the front foot on a stepper and the back foot on the bench.  This allowed us a much deeper range of movement and my glutes are thanking it for me today 🙂

Barbell Standing Over head Press was next total reps 40 I used a 40kgs load and my reps were 9-5×6 and 1.  Jules used a 25kgs BB and her reps were 10-7-7-6-6-4

To finish we did dips  super setted with 10x snatches each arm.   We did 3 sets of these I used body weight on the dips and did 8-6-6-5-5 (30) the used 16kgs for snatches.  Jules did 5-8-7-10 (30 total) and had varied assistance she the used the 12kgs for her snatching.

All in all a great session and a new routine to follow for a few weeks I get bored very quickly of the same stuff so I do tend to mix it up a bit.  Happy to be bench pressing again its always a great mass builder and was well cool doing the walking BB O’H Lunges they will now be a stable of my training.

Until the next time train hard, get sweaty, and be strong


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