Anton G

Hi, my name is Anton and I am 22 years old, living in the south side of Glasgow. I was introduced to Davie through one his clients called Grant. I mentioned to him that I was getting extremely bored with the gym and doing the same exercises all the time. He suggested that I gave Davie a call, so I dropped him an e-mail and within 30 minutes I had a taster session booked in for the following week.

I turned up at the taster session and I must admit I was pretty nervous as I did not know what to expect, however, right away I was put at ease with Davie’s welcoming attitude and sense of humour. Within 5 minutes of the session, I knew that it was something I really wanted to do.

Over the first block of 10 weeks, I was introduced to exercises I had never seen before that where extremely effective. I was introduced to barbell complexes, kettle bells and battling ropes. I have learned new exercises for life and brand new ways of training and I can’t thank Davie enough for the time he has given me in order to achieve my goals.

Over the 10 weeks, I went from 12st 4, to 11 st 6 and lost 2 inches off my waist. It is an amazing feeling going shopping and having to buy a smaller size than you are used to.

Davie has not only become my trainer but I would also consider him a friend. He has being through a lot of hard stuff in his life and is always there to ask for a bit of advice!

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