Eczema had taken over Fiona’s life her confidence was low, her weight was at an all time high and she hated her body shape. The cutting edge nutrition advice soon changed this and is now an amazing size 8 and loving life.

Over the past two years working away from home had led to quick easy eating, a sedentary lifestyle and steady but consistent weight gain.  I was suffering from allergies and/or intolerances manifesting in my skin requiring lots of medication, and they seemed to be getting worse.  I knew this had to change but needed help to ensure the results were dramatic enough that I stayed motivated.

I came across the DMC website, and after reading several of the amazing testimonials from existing clients I immediately made the call to arrange a free consultation.  During my initial conversation with Julie the whole atmosphere of DMC was conveyed, the team are very friendly, approachable, positive and knowledgeable, it seemed even more what I was looking for than I had hoped!

When I arrived to meet with Davie he spoke about his own experiences in the past with weight gain and his path to where he is now. His honesty and genuine desire to help by passing on his knowledge along with an obvious passion for what DMC offer really shone and I signed up immediately, starting that week.

I’m now in my second block of 10 week training with Grant, by next week I’ll have 2 stones of weight loss, and a combined total loss of 30 inches overall.  I thought that only people of a certain frame size could reach a size 8, and certainly not me, but Julie and Davie assured me it was possible and here I am, the proof!

Although I initially joined with weight loss in mind, but being part of and training at DMC has been so much more, with Grant and Davie’s help I’ve discovered the role that diet plays with my whole well-being.  My allergies and intolerances haven’t disappeared, but I’ve become so in tune with my body that I have learnt to identify these and therefore manage them without resorting to medication.

Gaining control over my diet and exercise has affected my life positively in so many ways, I’m happier and healthier and fitter than I have ever been.  I really look forward to my weekly training with Grant, it’s challenging, different every week and really good fun.  It’s very motivating to be trained by someone so vibrant and upbeat, his enthusiasm is so infectious it’s catching.

It’s not an exaggeration to say joining DMC has been a life changing experience, my only regret is not finding them earlier!

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