I started training with DMC in September 2010, having spent years eat, drinking & training the wrong way l was badly out of shape & knew I had to make some changes in my life.

After spending some time looking about for the right trainer l came across DMC & within minutes of walking in the studio for my taster session l knew l had made the right choice (even if l did give Davie one of the best faint’s he’s ever seen in my taster session due to my bad diet). I have to say it made me learn quickly about fuelling my body correctly!

Over my first 10 weeks, I was introduced to a brand new ways of eating & training that was extremely effective. The results l achieved were amazing & surpassed all expectations l ever had when l joined DMC. I lost over 2 stone in weight, dropped 10 inches of fat from around my body and reducing my body fat by 10%. The only down side to all this was the small fortune l had to spend on smaller clothes, which to be honest was a great feeling.

The DMC package isn’t simple just a trainer for a few hours per week it’s a complete education on nutrition & exercise, as well as great one to one coaching. Although am still only at the start of my journey l have seen real progression in my fitness levels, energy levels & improvement in my body shape, which l feel this has benefited me in so many other aspects of my life. As newly qualified SFA Referee this has really helped me kick on & progress, not only being able to get about the pitch for 90 minutes but also giving me the confidence to take the first step into it.

I could not recommend DMC highly enough – it’s honestly one of the most life changing experiences I’ve had & the best move you can make if your looking to get yourself back in shape. The team will really work you hard but in the process you will have a great laugh & leave the studio every time feeling so much better then when you walked through the door. If you put the work in the DMC team will have you achieving your goals in no time, both Davie & Pablo are not only brilliant trainers but also great guys & will always find new ways to challenge you.

Finally l just want to say a massive thanks to Davie & Pablo for the time, effort & encouragement they’ve give me. I could never have achieved what l have so far without the support & knowledge of you both.