Over the past year I have learned an incredible amount about what it means “to train” – I don’t mean “what it takes to spend an hour in the gym, with 10 mins on a bike, 10 mins on a cross trainer, chest press machine, blah blah blah”.

I mean, what it takes to make your body stronger, what it takes to lose weight through diet and exercise, how to train EFFICIENTLY – be it in a room with no weights other than that big weight you carry around – your BODY!

Or as the programme progresses, using weight training which combines equipment and body weight training – a heady mix that will challenge you more then you could imagine.

If you really want to make a change – be it to lose weight, or to become stronger, leaner, more powerful – or just for a change from using a gym where your results are limited – give these guys a shout.

I am learning and enjoying training at DMC – so if you are committed and want commitment in return then these are the trainers for you.