Post menopausal, arthritis, onset of osteoporosis and a bad bupa report Mary joined DMC to prove it wasn’t all down hill from here. Together they went head to head with mother nature and won every round. 10 lbs lighter, 10 inches leaner and 100% increase in all strength and fitness.

I am a 55 year old female who has always tried to eat a healthy diet, maintain my weight and keep active.  However over the last few years my cholesterol has started to creep up and I have developed arthritis in my finger joints.   At my annual BUPA Health Check I was dismayed to be told that my flexibility was decreasing and my grip strength was dramatically reduced from the previous year.  There was no explanation as to why my flexibility was reducing and this was determined by a simple test sitting on the floor with my legs straight, feet against a box and pushing a small block of wood..!!  Only advice I was given was do some aerobic exercises and watch my diet for the cholesterol.  My level of activity at this point was mainly walking and swimming a couple of times a month.

I did not want the situation to get worse as according to BUPA I was running the risk of osteoporosis, due to my age, the reduced flexibility and strength.  I approached Davie at DMC for help and advice, Davie is engaged to my daughter Julie therefore I am no stranger to the excellent results achieved  by the DMC Crew.  Davie listened intently to my issues and also my fears that at my age I would not be able to maintain the level of dedication, commitment and indeed physical performance required to complete the programme.  He explained that each client was assessed on their individual needs and the programme tailored to suite their abilities and the goals they wanted to achieve and so my journey began.  After consultations and assessments Davie was able to establish the area that was causing the problem with my flexibility something that was not addressed at my BUPA Check and he built a programme to work on this area and improvements were gained week by week.

Although my cholesterol was rising and had been the last few years, as I already was eating a healthy diet!! there was no advice from BUPA on how I could address this situation.  The sound nutritional guidance I received from Davie has seen me completely rethink my diet, what I thought was low fat healthy eating, and I now find myself eating more than I ever did and losing weight.  I have dusted off the cookbooks which were buried at the back of the kitchen cupboard for many years and now get a real buzz from trying new recipes the DMC way.  Week by week Davie reviews my food diary and gives me tips on what I should be eating to improve my cholesterol, reduce fat and build muscle. I have more energy and focus, sleep better at nights and my menopausal sweats have all but disappeared.  My strength and flexibility are improving day by day.

It’s tough and challenging but I look forward with enthusiasm to my weekly session at DMC Headquarters.  As soon as you walk in the door you feel the passion the whole team have for their work to them it is not a job it is a way of life.

Battling against mother nature is a tough challenge but with the help of David and the encouragement of the DMC Team we are winning the battle.  The results speak for themselves…

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