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A warm welcome from the DMC Fitness Crew – a professional blend of Certified Kettlebell Trainers, fat loss specialists and keen athletes.

Davie McConnachie, Personal Trainer

David McConnachie Director and Head Coach

“Exercise has given me everything I have to date and for that I am truly grateful…”

Pablo Jareno, Personal Trainer

Pablo Jareno Head Coach

“The reason I got into the fitness industry was to show people how great exercise is…”

Julie Maitland and Personal Trainer

Julie Maitland General Manager/Coach

“My transformation has given me the experience to help others…”

Grant McLachlan, Personal Trainer

Grant McLachlan Coach

“I have always known that I wanted to help people and help to make a difference in their lives…”


A little history

Davie and Pablo have worked together in the fitness industry since 2005, after meeting in Bannatyne’s gym, where Pablo mentored Davie during his initial period of employment in a commercial gym in Glasgow.

Julie and Grant were both active clients of Davie’s and their successes are testament to the power of the coaching program at DMC Fitness. Having both come to Davie initially with a weight loss goal, they followed the program and achieved amazing results. They’ve become so passionate about what they have achieved that they wished to pass on their skills, knowledge and success to others.

Julie is the DMC Fitness General Manager and Coach and Grant is now a full time Coach. Both are achieving fantastic results with their students.

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