Personal training for pre- and post-pregnancy health and fitness

DMC specialise and have excellent success and hands on experience in coaching both pre- and post-pregnancy students. It is important for so many reasons that you are healthy and strong enough to deliver your child.

Having a child is the most amazing experience you can have in life and being fit and healthy for that child while they grow and develop is essential. DMC Fitness owners Davie and Julie have two gorgeous boys and know exactly whats involved in bringing a new person into the world.

Angela, Elaine,Julie, Arlene , and Fiona are just some of the ladies who came to DMC for pre- and post-pregnancy fitness coaching and proudced amazing results.

Pregnancy weight gain is a must as we are all aware; however there are ways to limit unnecessary weight gain while pregnant. Once you little bundle of joy is here, it is time to gain your shape back and remove the excess weight and body fat that being pregnant brings.

It doesn’t matter how long you have been carrying your post-pregnancy weight – at DMC we specialise in transforming all our students. Your program of coaching will focus on the essential components of improving and increasing pelvic floor and abdominal strength, reduction of body fat and weight, and increasing movement, fitness and strength.

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