Personal Training for Shaping, Toning and Muscle Building

DMC Fitness specialises in weight gain, shaping, toning, muscle bulking and body building.

Our personal trainer Glasgow Head Coach Pablo and Senior Coach Grant both specialise in weight loss, weight gain and muscle shaping, toning and physique building.


Pablo is a champion body builder and fitness model so you can rest assured that he knows what he’s talking about. As someone who is so dedicated to his own physique he’s done it all before, so you can learn from the master and he’ll guide you to make all the right choices.


DMC Crew Members use cutting edge tools and techniques to build you up, cut you done and get you ultra-ripped if that is your goal. We work with you to select the right plan for you depending on how fast you want to see results.

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Physique sculpting is no easy task and there’s a lot of misinformation out there on the best ways to build muscle. We’ve not only done all of our research, we also have coaches who have been through every stage of the muscle building process and have come out the other side. We can save you time and money on unnecessary and expensive products as we know exactly what works and what doesn’t. Sculpting muscle and toning takes a precise and specific process of training and eating at DMC we have extensive up to date, hands on experience and success in these areas.

We bring our students the body shapes they desire. With a strong will and commitment there’s nothing to stop you from looking exactly the way you want to. It can be difficult to start fitness training alone so if you need a helping hand look no further than DMC Fitness.

If your goal is to get more toned, sculpt your body or just plain get lean and ripped for the summer then contact DMC for your free trial session now.

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