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DMC Fitness are one of the most successful private health and fitness coaching facilities in the UK.  All of our personal trainers work with their clients (we prefer the term students) to produce some of the best weight loss results in the industry today.

We show you very quickly how to lose weight fast while still being healthy and staying motivated. There’s no need to take weight loss pills or try fad diet plans as these won’t get you the lasting results that we can, and you truly deserve.

No shakes, pills, lotions or magic potions here. A proven system that’s based around science and the needs of every human all bundled into a program that’s fun interactive and produces rapid, lasting results.

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Gordon, who has been training with us since March 2012. Gordon lost just over 3 stones (46lb) in his first 8 months with us. The video above was shot half way through his transformation and since then, he has gone on to grow even stronger and lose more weight. Now in 2016 Gordon is still training and so is his wife and son as he introduced them to DMC Fitness due to the incredible results he achieved.

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Kirsten first came to us way back in 2012 when she was unhappy with her body shape and unfortunately lacking in self-esteem. This video was shot in December 2012 and she has gone on to lose a total of 3 stone and has dropped 3 dress sizes. Fast forward to present day and Kirsten still trains weekly at DMC and gets stronger all the time.

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Andy, was fed up feeling overweight and lethargic so he decided it was time to take some serious action. He decided to try us out and has lost over 2 stone through personal training with DMC Fitness.

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Sheena who was told by doctors that she would never lose weight naturally. She believed this until she signed up with us and made a real change to her life. Sheena went on to becoming a top female transformation and says that signing up to DMC Fitness was one of the best decisions she has ever made.

All of the DMC Fitness Crew have had previous struggles with weight loss or weight gain; we know what it’s like to have food challenges.


Between DavieJulie, and  Grant, they have shed a total of 15 stones at the same time managing to totally transform their minds, bodies and lives by embracing all the benefits being fit and healthy brings.


Pablo has also spent the majority of his adult life building and sculpting a strong, chiselled physique that looks amazing which resulted in him going on the stage and competing in body building and physique competitions. Pablo has also been a fitness model.

Transforming people’s bodies and lives is where we excel. In the years from 2012-2016 our coaches produced 100’s of stones of weight loss among their students. In 2014 due to further improvements to our program we witnessed even greater success especially in the area of illness reversal. Weight loss is helpful for both mental health and physical health as it can reduce the symptoms of depression as well as boosting your self-esteem.

If you or anyone you care about feels stuck in a rut, and are ready to change and need help selecting the best tools to do this then please contact us now and we will teach you how to make that change.

We will work closely with you to provide you with healthy eating plans, which along with training will transform your body in no time.

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