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A Selection of Christmas Holiday Workouts

As the gym is closed over the festive period, we have put together a selection of workout ideas for anyone who wants to put in a session or two throughout the holiday period.

Bodyweight, Kettlebells and Timed Sets

a) 5 Push offs or press ups (any variation); 10 double KB presses or 10 stick ups; 5 squat jumps

Set a timer for 20 minutes. Do each exercise in order and complete as many rounds as possible in the set time period. Record the number of rounds completed and try to beat your record next time you do it.


Burpee Mania!

a) Nice and simple – 100 burpees or down ups with a clap at top. Record your time.


Bodyweight Circuits

a) 20 x-body mountain climbers; 15 press ups or push offs; 10 stick ups; 5 burpees or down ups. Complete 10 rounds, resting as and when you must.

b) 2 minutes  of forward/backward lunges; 2 minutes jumping jacks; 1 minute down ups or burpees. Do 4 rounds, no rest – this is cheeky 🙂



a) 30 x-body mountain climbers; 30 push offs or press ups; 30 stick ups; 30 1½ squats set a timer for 20 minutes, do as many as you can in that time and record the rounds completed.

b) JC Leg Crank: 24 squats; 12 forward lunges; 12 backward lunges; 24 scissor jumps; 26 jump squats


Core/Cardio workouts

a) 10 x-body mountain climbers; 10 super planks (knees or toes); 10 spiderman climbs. Complete 10 rounds.

b) Skipping or jumping jacks (30 seconds on/30 seconds off) for 20 rounds

c) 10 burpees or down ups; 10 push offs or press ups; 10 stick ups; 10¾ squats. Complete 10 rounds.


Kettlebells and  Bodyweight Ladders

a) Swing; clean; squat; press – use single or double bells depending on your level. You have two options here with format: either do a ladder 1-2-3-4-5-5-4-3-2-1 or timed sets 30/30, 45/45 or 60/60 for as many rounds as you choose.

DMC High Pull Combo

a) Swing; high pull; squat; push press; snatch; split squat; clean and press. Pick your bells 8-12-16-20-24 and work either 3-5-8 or 10 reps. Rest 60-120 secs and do 3-5 rounds.

DMC Swing Snatch Combo

a) Push up; wide stance horizontal bent over row; clean; swing; snatch; squat; press; chin; burpee with 4 x-body mountain climbers in the middle. Pick your bells 8-12-16-20-24 and work either 3-5-8 or 10 reps. Rest 60-120 secs and do 3-5 rounds.

Bodyweight Blasters

DMC H/R 500

a) Squat; push up; crunch; sky diver; burpee. Do 20-15-10-5-5-10-15-20. Pick any variation of the exercises listed and have loads of fun.

Special Burpees timed Sets.

a) Half a burpee into push up position – push up – x-body – squat thrust – jump up – 5 jumping jacks. Set a timer for 10 mins and do as many rounds as possible.

So, there you have it! A nice selection of workouts and routines to help you get your sweat on and stay strong over Christmas and New Year.


Enjoy and I look forward to seeing you all in the new year,

Your coach and friend,




Davie McConnachie

Davie McConnachie is Scotland’s leading health and wellness coach, multi-award-winning gym owner, motivational speaker, and the founder of DMC Fitness, a fitness education facility known as the premier choice for 1-2-1 personal training. He has inspired thousands of people to fall in love with fitness – his true mission in life. 

In his own fitness journey, Davie has athletically competed in Mixed Martial Arts fighting for Scottish and British titles, boxed for Scotland’s top amateur boxing team, and competed internationally in Girevoy (kettlebell) Sport. 

Diving into the world of sports and wellness has helped Davie to deal with his own inner demons. He. overcame many dark times using his own unique method to complete his cycle of H.E.A.L.I.N.G.