As I continue my series of blogs on Health and Self Care, I thought today I would bring you the power word, OPTIMISATION. Optimisation is the action of making the best or most effective use of a situation or resource. So I am deep diving into all my roles and responsibilities and setting my intentions, […]

Managing The Stress of Success

The majority of clients who start my programme are chronically stressed. The demands and responsibilities at work and at home can sometimes be overwhelming and if left unchecked can result in bad consequences for your physical and mental health. Just ask Kerwin Rae. He is a business entrepreneur and international speaker. Being one of the […]

Health and Self Care – The Process

In last weeks blog I talked about health and self care and in this blog I will be sharing the process and formula I use to keep myself healthy in body and mind. This is the system I use when coaching my clients. Here is the step by step process that I recommend: 1. Sort […]

Health And Self Care

Let’s talk about health and self care. In these last few weeks a couple of people have mentioned that I am always up beat and strong. I recognise why they are saying this but the truth is sometimes I’m down and at times I feel insecure and weak. To be fair, I very seldom allow […]