Xavier Rudd at Masssilo

It’s 4pm on Friday 2nd of August. I’m in Rotterdam the Netherlands enroute to a gig at Maassilo. Maassilo, one of the most spectacular club venues in the Netherlands, is the place to go for a great night out and an innovative mix of dance, pop, art and theatre. All kinds of different dance programmes […]

A Beautiful Day In Gairloch

It’s just gone 5pm on Saturday 20th July 2019. I’m sitting in the garden in Gairloch. To my front is by far one of the most picturesque backdrops of Scottish scenery I’ve ever seen. We are just home from a family walk on the beach. I’ve been bouldering with my boys and Rocco’s had his […]

Weekly Review – South Africa Cont.

Time again to review my week.  It’s been another glorious week in Port Elizabeth, Sardinia Bay. There have been some magical moments and great memories made.  We’ve sang along to The Eagles, swam in the scorching sun, laughed, walked along the Sacramento trail, listened to the waves crash on the ocean, ate some amazing food, […]

Weekly Review – South Africa

It’s been another great week. As a company we delivered 83 1-2-1 expert personal training and health and wellness coaching sessions. We had 5 enquires. We did 4 taster sessions and welcomed Ellie, Alex, Christie & Joe in to the DMC Fitness Crew. I did two conscious acts of kindness by donating £100 cash and […]

Weekly Review: 25th-31st March

It’s been another great week. The start was some intense coaching, client chats and my handover as we prepared for our adventure towards the end of the week. As a company we did 100 1-2-1 Expert personal training sessions. On Thursday we flew on 3 planes over 24 hours to Port Elizabeth in South Africa […]