Weekly Review: 25th-31st March

It’s been another great week. The start was some intense coaching, client chats and my handover as we prepared for our adventure towards the end of the week. As a company we did 100 1-2-1 Expert personal training sessions. On Thursday we flew on 3 planes over 24 hours to Port Elizabeth in South Africa […]

Weekly Review: 18th-24th March

It’s been another great week in DMC HQ. As a company we delivered 99 1-2-1 expert coaching sessions. That’s up 25 on the last 2 weeks due to me being away on professional and personal development. I’ve had a few interesting conversations around me taking my health and wellness coaching skills back into the corporate […]

Weekly Review: 10-17th March

Overall it has been another excellent week.  I was in London again, attending the quarterly meeting of Andy Harrington’s Professional Speakers Academy. More on that later. As a company we delivered 75 hours of personal training / coaching this week. I was away and Grant was off due to being unwell. These numbers will pick up […]

Weekly Review – 4th to 10th March

It’s been a highly productive week and also very hedonistic, compared to normal.  The DMC Crew and I delivered 85 hours of expert 1-2-1 Fitness and Wellness coaching. We had no cancellations. I was in London for two days so this effected our total number of sessions which is usually nearer 100.  All of my […]

Weekly Review: 24th Feb – 3rd March

It’s been a great week. Creatively I’ve written well and produced solid content.  My coaching was on point and all clients are making excellent progress.  I spent the day on Saturday training with Paul Gray and learning an introduction to his Iflows system. Paul’s an exceptional coach. I thoroughly enjoyed it, learned loads and I’m […]