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DMC Goals Review 2011-2012

2011 and Going Forward into 2012

As discussed in last week’s Goals setting blog it is important to have goals drive towards achieving those goals and review your progress.

Last January I set myself many goals some of these being, – (A) = achieved S.I.P = still in progress (NA) = not achieved.

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Overall Health & Fitness Goals

Become stronger in all lifts by getting better numbers and moving greater loads – (A)

Attain again and then maintain 8-12% body fat – S.I.P

Become more skilled at Boxing – (A)

Compete at GS sport –FEB 2012

Specific Goals

Double my Squat and Deadlift numbers DL = YES.  Squat-S.I.P

Improve my Chins and Pull-Ups to 10 reps on each with perfect technique (no grinding allowed). – (A)

Barbell Overhead Press 80kgs for 5-10 reps (can do 70ks for 2 reps just now) –S.I.P

Increase chest strength by Press Up variations wearing a weighted vest – (A) + S.I.P

Individual Goals (daily/weekly)

Get more quality sleep – (A)

Follow upper and lower body split program – S.I.P

Follow a set strength program for 6-8 weeks at a time – (A)

Get and stay lean through a clean and tight diet – S.I.P

Skip in the morning before the day’s work begins 3-4 times per week – (NA)

Enjoy training and have fun whilst doing it – (A)

Stay focused throughout the year and do better than last year – (A) + S.I.P

So there you have it all apart from one of my 2011 goals either achieved or still in progress and carried over to 2012.  Outwith my training and health goals, I also had many business goals.  I worked diligently through them having a 95% success rate any goals I did not achieve are to be carried over to 2012.

2012 Goals

Health & Fitness goals for 2012


GS Sport

Take part in GS Sports Timeline Feb 2012

Compete and win at amateur boxing before April 2012

Compete and win semi-pro and then full pro MMA by Dec 2012 and ongoing

Take part in Crossfit workouts with Crossfit Glasgow

Strength Goals


Pull-Ups, Chins Dips All 20 clean reps each by July 2012.

Complete Martin Rooney’s push-up, dip, and chin-up challenges. July 2012

Complete a bar muscle up then a gym ring muscle-up – by Dec 2012 and ongoing

Master the handstand press-ups, one arm press up, and the pistol squat by Dec 2012 and ongoing

Barbell Bench Press 100kgs for 5 reps or more by Dec 2012

Barbell Bent-Over Row 100kgs for 5 reps or more by Dec 2012

Barbell Squat 1.5 x bodyweight around 150kgs for 5 reps or more by Dec 2012

T-bar Deadlift 200kgs for 5 reps or more by Dec 2012

Kb Overhead Press 2×32 for 10 2x36x5 and single-arm straight press 1x5x40kgs by Dec 2012

Barbell Overhead Press 100kgs for 1 rep or more by December 2012 and ongoing.

Body shape and weight

Decrease weight and body fat.  Weight to stay between 90 and 93kgs body fat not to exceed 13% and to get it as low as possible.


I.B.B.F Bulgarian Bag Certified

JC Santana MMA SCS

CKT Refresher Course

Attend one other weekend seminar with a world-class health and fitness coach /presenter

Research into a part-time BSC Sports Science Degree (I have HND so will gain 3rd-year entry) with a follow on to becoming NSCA Certified Strength Conditioning Specialist

I also have an extensive list of business goals that are written down measured and in place to be worked towards and have been shared with my business coach.

Lastly, I have some personal goals I aim to achieve which I will share with my life coach.  These will revolve around me being a better less stressed, more reasonable, and more compassionate person, a better father and partner to Jules.  I also have a few materialistic goals aim to achieve for my family and me but these will all depend on my success everywhere else.

So there you have it my map to personal achievement and success in life for 2012.  I did spend a little time formulating and defining these goals and yours don’t have to be as detailed.  One goal is enough as long as you have one.

I will check back in every 12 weeks throughout the year to detail my progress.

As always thanks for reading

Until the next time

“Strength For Life”