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Do you like to feel alive and alert? I know I do. 

I inject my day with Vitamin L. 

Love, Laughter, and Lighthearted Fun. 

Okay, so here is the process: 

Step 1 – Score yourself out of 10 for how energised you are. 1 is no energy 10 is energiser bunny level. Write down your score.

Step 2 – Pick a power song from the list below.

“This is ME” -Greatest Showman 

“Not Afraid” – Eminem

“Because We Believe” – Andrea Boccelli

“Sunshine On A Rainy Day” – Zoe 

“I Am What I Am” – Gloria Gaynor 

“I Am The Resurrection” – Stone Roses 

“Cha Cha Slide” – Mr C 

“Life” – Haddaway 

Top tip – Make a happy playlist and add them all. 

Step 3 – Play your songs and move around, dancing smiling and be childlike. 

Watch how your energy (frequency) rises, as you go into your body you’ll switch off the brain a bit.

Smile, take big deep breaths from your belly button and enjoy being in that moment. 

Step 4 – This is a favourite mobility routine that I do and then I dance and smile.

Step 5 – As soon as you’ve finished having fun, retest your score and see how it’s improved.

This is proof for you that music and movement are easy access holistic ways to charge up a good mood. 


“Strength for Life”



Davie McConnachie

Davie McConnachie is Scotland’s leading health and wellness coach, multi-award-winning gym owner, motivational speaker and the founder of DMC Fitness, a fitness education facility known as the premier choice for 1-2-1 personal training. He has inspired thousands of people to fall in love with fitness – his true purpose and mission in life.

Diving into the world of fitness and wellness has helped Davie to deal with his own trauma and inner demons. He, overcame many dark times using his own unique methods to continue his cycle of healing.