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Keeping Healthy During Covid-19

Preparing for lockdown… again? 

As the COVID 19 Pandemic hits its second spike it is imperative that we prepare ourselves for lockdown. 

If you are worried anxious and stressing about your health then get in touch we can help you improve this very quickly. 

All of our clients are still enjoying their weekly online coaching and accountability sessions. We have limited availability so if you need help with your health and fitness then please get in touch. 

For those unable to do coaching, but are still in need of advice my best suggestion is that you split your day into 3 parts. Morning, day and evening. For each part you should have a specific routine. It’s really important that we have a routine each day to keep healthy and happy. 

Morning routine 

Each morning, as a priority, we must take care of our health fundamentals. 

1- Drink water.

Have 1-2pints within the first 30 mins of waking up. 


2- Prepare some healthy meals

It’s important to prepare health, nutritious food for the day ahead. Not sure what to cook? Then use our cooking and cuisine videos from our YouTube channel. 

As a starter make some broccoli and cauliflower soup

For main meal let’s have some Spanish ‘style’ chicken.

3- Next up enjoy some movement 

First up some mobility 

Then a quick way to get the heart rate up is doing either some step ups or some jumping jacks

Now for some dynamic stretching 

Rear foot elevated hip stretch do 10 on each leg.

Hip thrust again do 10

Bird dog do 5 on each side

Main circuit.

1- squats 

2-push ups 

3- crunches 

4- sky divers 

5- burpees 

Beginners do 5 of each exercise resting 30 secs between each set and do 3-5 rounds 

Intermediate do 10 of each exercise then rest 60 secs do 3-5 rounds 


Do 15 of each exercise and 5 rounds as fast as possible. 

Once you have finished then follow this cool down routine 

A sample training week could be, 

Day 1 full routine.

Day 2 warm up, activation and cool down exercises together. 

Day 3 a long walk outside.

Then repeat…

4 – Get consistent sleep

By getting in a good routine of going to bed and getting up at the same time… being hydrated, eating healthy foods and exercising regularly all improve sleep as do switching digital appliances off 30-60 mins before sleep time, reading a book or listening to a sleep hypnosis app. Your pre bed routine is an important factor in the quality of the sleep you get. 

Ok something for everyone above and no excuse for not doing some for of movement and taking care of your healthy each day. 

Being healthy is of the upmost importance right now. 

Stay strong 

Davie McConnachie

Davie McConnachie

Davie McConnachie is Scotland’s leading health and wellness coach, multi award-winning gym owner, motivational speaker and the founder of DMC Fitness, a fitness education facility known as the premier choice for 1-2-1 personal training. He has inspired thousands of people to fall in love with fitness – his true mission in life. 

In his own fitness journey, Davie has athletically competed in Mixed Martial Arts fighting for Scottish and British titles, boxed for Scotland’s top amateur boxing team and competed internationally in Girevoy (kettlebell) Sport. 

Diving into the world of sports and wellness has helped Davie to deal with his own inner demons. He. overcame many dark times using how own unique method to complete his cycle of H.E.A.L.I.N.G.