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June 2020 Review

It is now the beginning of July and I have been reflecting back on the month gone by.

Our Happy Home 

It’s been all go in the McConnachie house again. As I said last month, generally we all get along great. There is the odd raised voice and some scuffles between the boys but all in all we are loving and connected. 

The boys have been making us laugh with their nonsense and antics. Pair of wee rascals.   

the boys

We’ve been putting our creativity into transforming the back garden. The boys got a super-duper new trampoline that’s been sunk into the ground. 


I’ve set up a training area for my martial arts, strength training and daily movement practice. 

punch bag and rig

On Friday 4th I enjoyed a few hours of skipping and practicing my martial arts in the rain. It was beautifully refreshing.

We’ve had astro turf laid and some new decking to level off where the grass used to be. 

Trampoline before and after

The workmen have done a good job, just a little bit of finishing off to be done and we’ll be ready to move on to painting the decking and investing in a new luxurious sun lounger. I really love being in our garden and with a new wave of sunny weather on the way my training will all be happening outside in the fresh air.

I was showered with love on Father’s Day. The boys made me cards and pictures, bought me books and sweets. Julie cooked us a gorgeous feast.

fathers day books

Julie has been looking after us all like the great mum and wife she is. Lots of healthy, delicious, nutritious, wholesome meals being prepared and enjoyed. The odd cakes have been devoured as well, obviously. A cup of sweet tea and a cake (get in my belly).

julie cakes

We’ve settled into a strong and solid routine. This is so important to me. I have flexibility and flow, so much more than ever before. I realise and recognise the importance of structuring my day, optimising my time and being as effective as I can be without pressuring myself to chase success or produce more. It’s taking me a long time to craft this formula and was a bit of a conundrum, to begin with. Routine + Rituals = Results. 


DMC Fitness continues to excel in the digital coaching space. All of our clients are having fun, staying fit, strong and healthy, making solid progress and creating lasting results.

June coaching

I’m so proud of how well everyone’s adapted and that the whole DMC Fitness Crew clients and coaches alike have shown desire, drive and diligence towards prioritising their own health and wellness. 

DMC Crew

It’s looking increasingly likely the gym will open again at the beginning of August. Our students will be the first to know when we contact them individually. Then we’ll be spreading the good news on social media.

We will still offer digital coaching, face to face or a combination of both from now on, giving our students various options to suit them. A silver lining of this whole experience is that it has been an exciting opportunity to extend the reach of the DMC Fitness brand so that we now have a more global reach.

Maybe you’re feeling a bit shit, worried about your health and fitness and generally fed up feeling fed up.

If this sounds like you then please get in touch. We can help you turn that shitey feeling on its head in rapid fashion. 

My Daily Fitness Practice

My daily Fitness training is coming along well. All the intentions I set at the start of June have been achieved. 

monthly stats

I’m making steady progress with my kickboxing training and skipping. I’ve been practising my fighting from a southpaw stance. I’m a natural orthodox fighter so this has been an enjoyable challenge. So far I can do 6 x 3 min heavy rounds on the bag, all from southpaw and I’m comfortable in my footwork. Next, I’ll be drilling my switch-hitting and integrate this into my style. 

I love my heavy bag work. It’s my physical therapy, allowing me to rage a bit and release the build up of low frequency emotions that I feel regularly. 

I skip for anywhere between 30 – 60 minutes, 3 times a week. I’ve also been out cycling as the sun rises. Typically, I cycle anywhere between 20 and 45 miles depending on the training day. 

My walks are now done with a 30lb pack on which adds another element of challenge for me. 

My mate Gerry has been power walking with me too. I tip my hat to him, he’s been meeting me at 03:30am. We’ve seen some cracking sun rises and enjoyed being out in nature.

Gerry’s a real friend. He supports me, shows me love and holds space (listens without judgement) for me. He knows me deeply. 

In life you don’t get that many true friends. I’m blessed with many great friends. Gerry, when you read this know I love and appreciate you. 

Gerry photo

“Strength for Life”

I’ve started running, to improve my cardio for kickboxing. I’ve been doing hill sprints and short intense 5k distances. I’ve done a 5k 3 time’s so far, always at the end of the week. My fastest time is 27 minutes. I’ll be happier when it’s closer to 23 mins. I really enjoy feeling my body work in this way. 

5k time

Hill sprints are coming on too. I have a short 30 secs hill and I have a 250m one which is a bit cheekier. 

hill sprints

My kettlebell practice improves daily. I’ve got some tasty combos on the go and have a 20 rep Turkish get up, thruster, windmill flow routine on the go. I am enjoying developing this.

I’m very happy with the steady progress that I’m making across all areas of my fitness training.  I’ve given myself 12 months to create some solid results. 6 months to lay the foundation and 6 months to unleash the demon 😀😜🤩.

My intentions for July are the same as June’s. Focussed, fun daily practice, steady marginal gains and allow the compound effect to take care of itself. My daily fitness and movement practice is the most important and enjoyable part of my day. I love how resilient and sturdy my body is and how quickly and well it recovers. I really enjoy being in my body and connected to it through physical movement.


I have some epic projects evolving right now. We are creating a new website, and I am adding more to the transcripts of my book. My editor definitely has her work cut out for her.

I’ve completed a detailed review of our coaching programmes and processes and the manuals that accompany them. We’ve agreed on how they will be innovated. I am really excited about this.

I have a big block of time scheduled in with my graphic designer in July and I’m excited to co-create with Claire and also to see the work that Michelle and Colin produce with the website. 

This is all part of our next phase of growth for the DMC brand of Fitness and Executive coaching. Exciting and prosperous times ahead. I’m taking a massive risk, setting up for a 5-year project that will test me to the max. I have so much to design, create and achieve with this project. I’m buzzing just thinking about it.

We smashed phase one during these last 9 years which sets us up beautifully for phase two.

Gym composition

Our YouTube channel is being refreshed and updated as well. We’ve been working on this already in 2020 and have a bank of quality content to share. 

Many projects to oversee and so much to keep my creative juices flowing and enjoy. I LOVE innovation and creation. 

Personal Development & Education 

I’ve started Maps of meaning by Dr Jordan Peterson . I already listen to Dr Peterson’s lectures on YouTube and I enjoyed his latest book 12 Rules of life.

I’ve enjoyed reading Becoming a Person by Carl Rogers. This is a great piece on Carl rogers and his beliefs around self-actualisation.

I discovered a new source of education on YouTube. The channel is called Academy of Ideas. I really enjoy the content they provide and have been listening daily. 

Julie bought and built a new book shelf for the side of my bed. I was so happy filling it with some of my books and sorting them out. 

I love being a geeky bookworm. It makes me laugh. thinking of my growth from NED (Non-Educated Delinquent) to geeky book worm with a love for personal development and psychology. 

I’ve been researching Dr Carl Jung and Jungian psychology. What an interesting man. His interview on face to face 1959 was great. It is really worth listening to.

I’ve decided as part of my ongoing personal education development that I’m going to study Psychology at University in Glasgow. I have 15 months to prepare for this. This will be an amazing educational journey for me and one I am really passionate about enjoying.

Ayahuasca update

As many of you know I traveled to Rythmia in the jungle of Costa Rica to journey with ayahuasca and assist in healing my depression and addiction.

Pablo was kind enough to send me some books on ayahuasca, When Plants Dream by Daniel Pinbeck & Sophia Rokhlin, and The Shaman & Ayahuasca by Don Jose Campos. Big love and big thanks, Pabs. I can’t wait to get them read.

when plants dream

I’ve also been looking in to James English, a hugely successful Glaswegian blogger. James attended Rythmia a few weeks before I went and his latest documentary reflects deeply on what the Rythmia ayahuasca experience is like. Also, his Homeless at Christmas documentary is an intense watch that I recommend highly.


At night after a productive day, myself and Julie settle down for Netflix and chill. I’ve been watching Rhythm + Flow and Money Heist. I love words, creativity, rap music and performance so Rhythm + Flow was an easy fit for me. The Money Heist: The phenomenon story is great, you should check it out.

I also watched the Be Water Bruce Lee documentary. It was really excellent. I’ve loved Bruce Lee since I was a wee guy. I even did a presentation on him in Primary 5. Then I successfully studied his Martial Art Jeet Kune Do, which turned out to be the start of my own fitness journey. Bruce Lee has inspired me a lot and his philosophies have really impacted the way I think and create. His death was a great loss to the world.

The Lance Armstrong interview was interesting. What a liar he was. After watching this and Icarus it’s evident that professional sport is rife with illegal performance enhancers.

Many UFC fights have been enjoyed. I’ve watched all of the live cards and just about caught up with all of the events that I’ve saved on my virgin box. 

The next card UFC 251 is on fight island and it’s going to be immense. Three title fights and some epic battles to be had. Well done to the UFC, leading the way for live sports during COVID.

The Lads 

I’ve had some interesting videos chats with Danny and Davy Wood. The usual daily WhatsApp interactions and Davy D came over to train and look at some work his building company are doing in our house soon. 

Davy D training

All my friends have challenges right now in their life, like we all do. Yet none of them complain or blame. 

It’s important to surround yourself with upbeat, positive, strong healthy and motivated people. 

Danny and Davie

Nothing worse than being around a drama merchant spewing toxicity all the time and being a fun vacuum. Pick your social group wisely. 

My Spiritual Development & Healing.

Every morning I ease myself into the day with meditation, affirmation and yoga style movement. It’s a soft and gentle way to start my day and it’s the perfect medicine for me and my mind. 

I’m still adapting to living an alcohol-free life. Most of the time this is no major issue. No thirsts or intense cravings. However, I do get triggered at times and have to navigate my way through and out of that. 

It’s all-new learning and it’s by far the hardest challenge I’ve ever faced in my life and I’ve had my fair share of challenges pain and trauma. 

I’m journaling extensively about this and will share when I’m ready and settled enough to fully express this part of my story.

Taking alcohol out of my life is easily the best decision for me. There is no upside. It causes problems and pain. 

Sobriety brings so many upsides, better sleep, better training, higher energy, less anxious and agitated, money in the bank, clearer skin, more creativity, no daily argument with myself that I’ve lost before it’s even started.

I am healthier, happier, enjoy deeper intimate relationships with those closest to me. This all brings a strong feeling of pride and accomplishment. The list of wins is extensive and that’s why I am loving this new improved way of living.

I am taking it all one day at a time and working hard on it. Sometimes it’s tough and I need to dig in but that’s just the way it goes with addiction. 

I’ll finish on a favourite quote by the legendary motivation speaker Jim Rohn,

“We must all suffer from one of two pains: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret. The difference is discipline weighs ounces while regret weighs tons.”

Until next time “Strength for Life”,



Davie McConnachie

Davie McConnachie is Scotland’s leading health and wellness coach, multi-award-winning gym owner, motivational speaker and the founder of DMC Fitness, a fitness education facility known as the premier choice for 1-2-1 personal training. He has inspired thousands of people to fall in love with fitness – his true mission in life. 

In his own fitness journey, Davie has athletically competed in Mixed Martial Arts fighting for Scottish and British titles, boxed for Scotland’s top amateur boxing team and competed internationally in Girevoy (kettlebell) Sport. 

Diving into the world of sports and wellness has helped Davie to deal with his own inner demons. He. overcame many dark times using his own unique method to complete his cycle of H.E.A.L.I.N.G. 

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