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Mike Mahler Weekend

Last weekend Glasgow personal trainer Davie McConnachie and the DMC fitness crew spent the weekend being taught educated, trained, and coached by Mr Mike Mahler fitness information provider kettlebell specialist, an all-around very funny, awesome guy.

The gym hall in Edinburgh where the 2-day seminar was held was brimming with a who’s who of the best trainers, coaches, and fitness enthusiasts in Europe with people attending from as far away as Dubai and Switzerland.

Rannoch Donald of Kettlebells Scotland & Simple Strength, CJ Swaby and Sabina Skala of CJS Fitness in London Andy Mack of Iron Mack Fitness, Gerry Higgins of Raw Fitness, Christian Villa of Kettlebells Brighton, Ray Wilson of Kettlebells Aberdeen Mathew Whitmore of Fitter London and so many more (sorry if I have missed anyone out)

It was great to hug old friends and make new ones we have a great community of like-minded people who love to learn and train in what we believe to be the right way.

Mike has a very relaxed and approachable teaching style he took control of the 40 people in the room and after a full mobility routine, we worked on how to generate correct power through the body while swinging the kettlebell having refined my skills with the IKFF philosophy these techniques were raw and new to me and as Mike’s way of lifting Kettlebells is a little unconventional it was very refreshing to be taught new concepts and training tips.

Mike’s teaching style is very relaxed super informative with an undertone of humour which meant that within minutes he had the whole room captivated a true skill as a presenter, he is a natural teacher.

During day one we focused on what he would describe as the more basic lifts using a single bell, he taught us how to generate true strength through correct linkage of all the pressing muscles and we focussed on swings cleans, and presses we also refined our windmill technique and the Turkish Get Up.

After the lunch break, we were given a lecture on Hormone Optimisation which gave us all great information and tips to try out.  Personally, we have taken a great deal from this as every part of the weekend course and already we are feeling and seeing great results in mood energy levels weight loss and strength.

On day two which was classed as the advanced day we had so much fun the whole weekend was fun with strong technical teaching and learning undertones we were taught how to press two kettlebells in one hand then 4 kettlebells 2 in each hand.  We all started at light weights and progressed through by the end we were all pressing some heavy loads, again after lunch Mike did a question and answer and really opened our eyes up to the true potential our bodies have when optimised correctly.

There was so much fun, laughter, sweat, camaraderie, and hard work going on in the gym hall that by the end I didn’t want to leave.

Overall it was a great experience we learned a great deal of real-life applicable training and coaching tips and already the students at DMC are reaping the benefits with people experiencing an increase of strength beyond 500%.

Mike was amazing to work with we all enjoyed it so much and can’t wait to train with him the next time he comes to Europe.  This is what Mike had to say about us,

“I had the great pleasure of teaching Davie McConnachie and the DMC Fitness Crew in Scotland. I was impressed with the crew’s hard work and dedication but also with all of the smart questions they asked. Moreover, I was grateful when they offered useful tips to the other students. They showed a great love for fitness and seeing others perform at their best. They all have the great combination of being strong athletes as well as great teachers and that is exactly what you want in a trainer. I recommend their services highly”–Mike Mahler, author of “The Aggressive Strength Solution For Size And Strength”


So the journey continues who knows where our learning will take us the next time.  A big thank you from the DMC Crew to Rannoch Donald who made and makes all these opportunities happen he is the driving force of elite fitness education in the country.

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