Post-Program Success Stories

I am a transformation specialist. What I mean by this is that I have designed and created various health, fitness and motivational programs that, when followed, transform the lives of those who follow the lessons within the program itself in a positive way.

The industry is awash with these types of programs and some ask the question:

“What happens after these 6, 8 or 12 week programs run its course?”

With more and more people being overweight and obese, the need for sound dietary advice along with health and fitness coaching is more prominent than ever. I was looking at some statistics today and they are shocking. Did you know that obesity could be costing Scotland up to £4.6 billion every year and 2/3 of Scots are now classed as overweight? Even more worryingly, unless obesity is tackled, the government predicts that 60% of men, 50% of women and 25% of children will be obese by 2050 unless drastic action is taken.

Let’s have a look at the post-program success of DMC Fitness. Here are a selection of stories for you to review. I have kept it to around 30 to offer different examples to provide you with variation.

In 2003, I myself shed 5.5 stones in only 8 months through training in martial arts and running a half marathon for charity. I went on the become one of the most successful health and fitness coaches in the country. I have built my own gym, developed my own crew of elite-level coaches and excelled in the sports of MMA Boxing and kettlebell sport. I am also a top peak performance mind coach, published writer, poet and aspiring author. I have been involved in the improvement of thousands of people’s lives. Fitness and health saved my own life and this is why I put so much back into it.

davie before after

Julie came to DMC Fitness in 2008, unhappy with her body shape and hiding under baggy size 18 clothes. She went on to shed 4 stones and even got her abs through as a result of following the DMC program, and remains a size 8 today. She went on to leave her career in finance to become a coach and general manager at DMC Fitness. Julie and I also fell madly in love with each other during this process – we are now married with two young boys and are solid business partners.


Grant was overweight and unhappy when his sister put him in touch with me back in 2009. During his first year training at DMC, he shed 4.5 stones and subsequently went on to become the top male transformations that year. He went on to become the third male coach and my first apprentice. Grant is now a senior coach and has produced some of the best transformations in the health and fitness industry.

Grant Before and After

Steven was overweight throughout most of his childhood and decided it was time to get his health in check. We met at Bannatyne’s where, despite having lost some weight, felt he was hitting a wall with training and didn’t know what steps to take to really drive his results. He went on to become the top DMC transformation ever, losing 6 stone in just 8 months. Following a spell travelling and working in an East Coast gym, he put himself forward to become my next apprentice. In his first year as a coach, he helped his students collectively to shed over 40 stones of fat.

steven before and after

Laura came across DMC at an event we were exhibiting at and her health was in a very bad way. She was suffering from daily migraines and had been for 20 years, she was physically hobbling and suffered from a whole range of ailments from IBS to joint pain. She was at her wits’ end following years of failed attempts to ‘diet’ or improve her health but decided to give it one last shot. She went on to become the top body and mind transformation in the company’s history, losing 2 stone 6lb and eradicating decades worth of illness. She is now sales assistant and a trainee coach within the company and is excelling in both roles.

laura before and after

Pablo took me under his wing back in 2003, when I first came into the fitness industry, coaching and progressing him in his role as the commercial gym team leader. He went on to join DMC Fitness in 2009 and since then, he and I have been the science and innovation behind the success of the DMC programme. The only coach never to have been overweight, he faced the opposite struggle of putting on lean muscle mass. He is now sitting at single digit body fat and competes in bodybuilding competitions.

pablo before and after
Pablo Jareno

Kirsty first came to DMC Fitness back in 2010, desperate to reignite her love for exercise after being forced to give up her biggest passion – netball. Following re-constructive knee and ankle surgery, she wanted to get back to her best and find another means of exercising that she enjoyed just as much. Training at DMC not only helped her to develop her love of alternative forms of exercise, but also helped her to shed just under 2 stone. She won numerous medals for her performance in kettlebell sport and still follows the DMC program.

kirsty before and after

Dave had been a member of a commercial gym for a number of years, but suffered from back problems that hindered him from achieving results he really yearned for. His wife was one of my first ever students, and one day when she couldn’t make her session due to work commitments, Dave came along instead. He went on to lose around 3 stone and even started to compete alongside us in kettlebell sport competitions in his late 50s. For Dave, age is not a barrier and he still trains with me each week.

Dave McInnes before and after

Sarah came across DMC Fitness via a Google search and admits it’s one of the best moves she has ever made. Following years of training with various fitness coaches and competing in Iron Man events, she decided she wanted to tone up ahead of her 50th birthday this year. She set herself a goal of losing 21lb over 18 months – she achieved this in just 10 weeks and now is sitting at single digit body fat and both looks and feels like a million dollars. She loves her weekly sessions with Pablo and travels over 100 miles all in each week to come to the gym.

Sarah after weight loss

Jeremy admits lifestyle, social compliance and a lack of sustainable willpower and direction would lead to food becoming a ‘crutch’ during times of disappointment and/or stress. Over-training to compensate for this led to injury and a downward spiral. As well as feeling sluggish, his quality of sleep was poor. When he discovered DMC Fitness in 2013, the combination of a genuine understanding of his circumstances, nutritional guidance and a bespoke exercise program was precisely what he needed. In just 12 weeks, he lost 19lb of body fat, burned 23.5 inches and reduced his body fat by 9%. He still continues to train today and maintain a focused and vibrantly healthy lifestyle.

Jeremy after weight loss

Pauline had always been relatively fit and healthy but after getting married and having 4 children within the space fo 6 years, she decided to seek a little help from a professional in order to get into the best shape possible. Her husband was a regular student so he put her in touch with me and she is still one of my best student to this day. A regular training regime and smart nutrition have helped Pauline to become a size 8 and she is one of our only female students able to carry out bodyweight chin ups and pistol squats.

Pauline Kelly before and after

Steve, Pauline’s husband, first came to DMC in 2009, at which time he was unhappy with his 16 stone frame. He wasn’t happy with himself and wanted someone to show him the way towards achieving his dream body. Now in his 40s, he remains single digit body fat and is an absolute machine.

steve k

Graeme is a member of the DMC crew and began training with Pablo as far back as 2007. He followed Pablo to DMC, where he began following the program in 2010 and has since achieved single digit body fat and smashed all of his personal training goals. He still trains up to 5 times per week.

Graeme before and after

Emma first contacted DMC Fitness in 2008 ahead of her wedding. Her husband produced a flyer for DMC after taking note of Emma mentioning her desire to tone up ahead of their big day. She came along for her free taster session at our old studio on Gordon Street and still remains a student with us now. Not only did she achieve her results of looking fabulous for her wedding, but has made healthy nutrition and exercise a regular aspect of her life and loves her Saturday morning sessions.

Emma before and after

Following on from Emma’s success, her husband Stuart decided enough was enough when she was able to execute more push ups than he was! He, too, wanted a piece of the action so followed suit and also still remains one of our best students. He has absolutely shredded himself over the years and has single digit body fat.

Stuart before and After

Angela wanted to shift some stubborn post-pregnancy weight following the birth of her two children. She went on to shed all of her baby weight and became a regular student, training weekly. Now, with another beautiful child added to her brood, she is back in the gym training and working towards her goals each week and loves the challenge of beating her personal bests.

Angela before and after

Half of another husband-and-wife duo, Angela’s husband David also came along to DMC to achieve strength and conditioning gains that his own training weren’t returning. What he loves the most about DMC is that training is not only about results, percentages, numbers and sweat; it is also unashamedly good fun.

david w

Billy’s DMC journey began in 2012, when he decided to change his body shape, weight, attitude towards fitness, beliefs, diet and goals. Having recently turned 40, he is in better condition than he has been in years and even competed in a white collar boxing match for charity, as well as travelling to Philadelphia last month to run the ‘Rocky’ steps – two items that featured on his ‘bucket list’.

Billy before and after

Gordon had seen his weight steadily increase throughout his 30s and 40s and on his 46th birthday, decided to make a lasting change to his health and fitness. Weighing in at his heaviest ever, he was feeling fed up and wanted to improve his body shape and overall quality of life. In total, he has now lost over 3 stone and embracing his new slimline physique and waving goodbye to over 43 inches from all over his body.

Gordon before and after

Chris became intrigued by DMC Fitness after having a look at the online testimonials and reading about the multiple success stories to come out of one place. He booked a free consultation and immediately knew this was the program for him. The personalised program and guided nutrition advice helped him to shed over 2 stone and drastically improve his life.

Chris before and after

Ironically, David picked up a flyer for DMC whilst waiting in line to receive his weekly ‘treat’ of macaroni cheese and chips one Friday afternoon. Touching 16 stone, he had been overweight for a number of years, actually losing 3 stone himself after breaking his jaw. He was still unhappy with his plateauing levels of fitness so decided to pop in to learn more about what DMC could do for him. Now, instead of the label on his tshirt reading ‘XXXL’, there is a just a single ‘L’ and not an ‘X’ in sight.

David before and after

Barry’s career within the hospitality industry meant lots of late nights and alcohol was almost a cultural part of the job. With one young toddler and another baby on the way, he wanted to get into the best shape possible to be fit and healthy to run around after them and enjoy their best years. In just his first 11 weeks, he lost 22lb and burned 24 inches. Today, he still follows the DMC approach to health and nutrition.

Barry before and after

Sheena was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovaries in 2010 and told she would need to take regular medication for the rest of her life to keep symptoms at bay. Despite seeming positive and happy on the outside, what she felt on the inside was a different story. With help and guidance from the team, she was able to eradicate her symptoms through healthy nutrition and regular exercise and find true happiness within herself. She is still exercising regularly.

Sheena before and after

Elaine came to DMC Fitness in 2009, lacking in confidence and hiding under her baggy black clothes. Just two years later, she had shed 6.5 stones of body fat and completely transformed her life. She fell in love with training and healthy nutrition and now, 6 years on, is still a size 8 and exercising every day.

Elaine before and after

Fergus contacted DMC after witnessing the benefits a number of contacts had experienced from following the program. His training had ground to a halt following a painful knee injury that impeded his jogging habit. DMC helped him to formulate a recovery plan which led to full rehabilitation of his injury. He is still fit, healthy, injury-free and exercising on a regular basis.

Fergus training

Chris was feeling quite low in terms of his fitness and also mentally due to the stresses of running his own business and suffering from painful IBS. He got in touch with DMC after seeing the success his friends were enjoying through following the program. The techniques administered at DMC Fitness helped Chris to re-assess all aspects of his life and how to make positive changes. He now enjoys a more productive lifestyle and has mastered a work-family life ratio. He still enjoys regular physical activity and no longer suffers from IBS.

Chris before and after

Working as a sports therapist, Kat admits she felt she was kidding herself by giving advice to top athletes on their health and fitness when she was not as fit and healthy as she could have been herself. She had put weight on throughout university and was finding it difficult to shift it by herself. She decided to come onto the DMC program and went on to lose over 2 stone, shrinking to a size 10. She also found from following the advice given at DMC that she has a severe gluten intolerance which was contributing to her weight gain and stalling results before. Now, she still enjoys regular weight training and a gluten-free approach to eating.

Kat before and after

Stacey decided she wanted to make a change to her body shape after seeing unflattering photos of herself at a friend’s wedding. She embarked upon a healthy eating and exercise regime which helped her to drop over 3 stone. Still unhappy with her body shape, she knew she would have to draft in professional help to find true happiness. Following in her boyfriend’s footsteps and coming along for a free consultation, she became hooked instantly and signed up to the program. Within just a few short weeks, she was sleeping better, her energy was up and she was seeing tangible results. She managed to reduce her body fat to single digits and feels comfortable in a bikini for the first time ever. Despite moving to the UAE, she is  still fit, healthy and exercising regularly.

Stacey before and after

Fiona had always loved exercising, so found herself very uncomfortable following the birth of her baby girl, having put on 5 stone. She admits she was the biggest she had been in around 7 years and was desperate to be a fit, slim and healthy young mum. Her husband works just a few doors down from the gym so put her in touch with us. In just 20 weeks, she shed 40lb and burned 40 inches. Her pre-pregnancy clothes became loose and she fell in love with her new healthy lifestyle and nutriton plan. Today, she remains fit, slim and healthy – all of which she dreamed of at the beginning of her DMC journey.

Fiona before and after

Tom was desperate to build some lean muscle and strength, whilst maintaining high levels of running and training. As a competitive cross country runner, his diet features plenty of heavy carbs, such as potatoes, pasta and bread. When he joined the DMC program, we advised some nutritional edits and within just 10 weeks, he gained 3lb of lean muscle and reduced his body fat to single digits. His performance improved and he still follows the program today to ensure he is in peak performance for running season.

Tom before and after

Maybe you can relate to some of these stories?

Possibly you feel a bit over-worked, overwhelmed with life and this drives you to overeat?

Perhaps you have been thinking about getting fitter and healthier but just have not got around to it yet?

Our program is extensive and delivers exceptional results. We teach you (we don’t train you) to the highest of standards and give you the life skills to be fit and healthy for the rest of your life. All our programs come with their very own handbooks, so essentially everything we teach you is yours to keep.

This is one of the key things with private health and fitness coaching at DMC Fitness and the thing that sets us all apart from the rest. Standard industry practise is to train you – as I said, we don’t take this approach. We teach you and you learn it all along the way. Not only that – you get to keep all the information so it can be used over and over again should you ever find yourself in a situation where you fall away from a vibrantly healthy lifestyle and become unhealthy or unfit.

This means you won’t always have to pay for a personal trainer. It’s a one-off investment with us and the results are for life. The service we deliver is unique, exceptional and carried out within a private gym; not a big, busy commercial gym that can be intimidating to many.

We all love what we do and are here to help you. Remember, as you have seen above, the results are amazing and last for life and know no limit based on what has happened to the people before you. It may even transform not only your health and fitness, but your entire life as well.

If this is not enough and to add even more value, everyone who comes along to see us at the gym is given a free hour long consultation whereby you have a private chat with one of our coaches and receive a full tour of our state of the art facilities. We review your lifestyle, your mobility and all your needs and wishes then show you how we can help you within the areas of your life that you feel you need to work on. All this and it’s completely free with no obligation whatsoever. So really, all you have to do is give an hour of your time. You never know: it may just be the best decision you ever make.

We love to teach, inspire, motivate and help and we are here to help you today. Come and see us, spend some time with us and see exactly how we can improve your life for the better.

Click here to book your free consultation. You won’t regret it; after all, what have you got to lose?

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