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Return On Investment – R.O.I

I work in a results based industry and from the offset, I have always successfully delivered exceptional life-changing results when coaching my students through our very own health and fitness program.

I am intensely passionate about the coaching that my crew, my company, and myself deliver; the experience and services we offer; the environment our students get to train in; and the outstanding results we consistently produce.

Due to these truly incredible results, I believe we are undoubtedly the premier choice when it comes to private health and fitness coaching in the country.

dave mcinnes

Internationally Recognised

When you come into our facility and walk along the corridor towards the training zone, you will view our training certifications. They are proudly presented for all to see, Martin Rooney, Steve Cotter,  Mike Mahler and Rannoch Donald have all personally endorsed  myself and my crew for the passion we show and the way we conduct ourselves in the industry we love.

These personal endorsement are not “cut and paste”: they are their very own words written after we have attended their certifications and weekend training courses.

I consistently strive to add more and more value to the program and experience at DMC and, around 18 months ago, committed to taking the biggest risk I have taken in my life so far. Realising dreams can come true by securing, leasing and fully renovating our brand new, custom-built, unique training facility at DMC headquarters in Sandyford Place, Glasgow.

Full gym and equiptment BEST

I did this for one reason and one reason only, we aim to offer all our students the best possible training arena, using the most effective, professional and up to date training equipment available. I am sure you will all agree that when choosing a training facility for you to come to, all of these points are the most important.

Who Comes to Learn at DMC

We are extremely proud of the diverse range of students who are on the program at DMC. Our program is so widely received that our students range from full time mums, company directors, students, retirees (our oldest students are in their late 50’s and early 60’s – age is just a number!), professionals, people who love training and want a more individualised routine, athletes; the list goes on and on. We love to coach anyone who is willing to be taught and learn, no matter what level they are at.  From complete novice to the more advanced, there is something for everyone at DMC.

Two years ago, I received an email from Monty, a completely blind man. He had read our testimonials via his computer that speaks to him and then booked a taster with us.

Monty came along for his taster then started with us the very next week. Monty followed the exact program all our sighted students do.

As coaches, we adapted our teaching styles and guided Monty to shedding 2 and a half stones over the two year period he trained with us. All the while teaching Monty how to use kettlebells, suspension trainers,  he learned boxing for fitness and a bodyweight home workout.

All the coaches at DMC have had the pleasure of teaching Monty. You can see DMC teaching him Bulgarian Bag spins here.


In the words of Monty himself,

“If I can do it, anyone can. I was overweight and unhappy, I didn’t want to go to a commercial gym so I came to DMC. My training was great fun and varied, hard work and challenging- just what you want from a health and fitness program.

The DMC guys are awesome and I look forward to training with them again when my hectic international schedule relaxes.”

Monty’s story was featured in the Sunday Mail magazine which we proudly display on our success wall in the gym reception.

Our GM Julie, my apprentice and full time coach Grant and I have also been featured in the same publication reflecting on our own weight loss struggles.

In Jan of 2012, we were again featured, this time in the Daily Record after transforming their music editor John Dingwall.  John committed to all his readers saying he would stick to a training program and get his abs visible by the age of 50.  He started with us aged 49 and the picture to the right shows the results we helped him produce at the age of 50.  


Why should you pick DMC Fitness to be your coach?

My company DMC Fitness average a fat/weight loss of 21lbs (1.5 stones) and above in every initial 10 week block of coaching we deliver.  Along with the fat and weight loss there is always a guaranteed reduction in Body Mass Index (BMI), body fat and the most important inches of fat removed from all the vital areas.  This means more confidence in ones skin, smaller clothes and new dress sizes.

We offer a no obligation consultation taster session. During this, we assess the students needs and goals, provide them with a free postural and mobility assessment (which in some other facilities can cost over £150),  allow them to get a feel for our private gym and the coaches who will be teaching them, and ultimately reflect on exactly what is involved in the coaching program at DMC Fitness.

julie 3

In 2012 alone, we guided our new students towards losing over 1400 lbs of fat, which is more that 100 stones. This was the most successful year for the company so far in its six year history and we aim to make 2013 even bigger, better and more successful for all the students who come to train with us.

“At DMC Fitness everything is measured.  If you don’t measure it, you can’t manage it”.

What You Get

All our students are taught to the highest of standards. We go into a detailed analysis of their relationship with food and  personal eating habits. The challenge with diets in general is that they do not individualise; it is a ‘one glove fits all’ approach and this is one of the main reasons ‘DIETS’ fail to produce sustainable results. We teach the essentials of healthy living and how to make the right choices when it comes to eating for each individual. This is the most important part of the coaching program and an area we excel in.  All you have to do is look through the outstanding full body life changing transformations we produce week in, week out when coaching our general public students to see and witness the power of our program.

I would be happy to personally introduce you to 1000s of students who have  successfully come through our program and achieved incredible life changing results.

pauline kelly

The Programme

Each student is taught full body mobility warm up routines, soft tissue repair (SMR), cool down and  recovery stretches.

A progressive program of exercise is designed around the students needs and prescribed to assist each student in achieving their desired result.  All exercise is explained taught and reviewed correctly. Every student will learn how to execute exercise with fluency and grace. There are no machines and there is also no need to be a commercial gym member.  The joy of the DMC program is that it is adaptable and can be done anywhere, even in the privacy of your own home.

During your coaching session the program which is tailor made and bespoke to you, will guide you towards achieving your goals whilst improving all components of fitness.

All our students will experience top level specialised coaching in kettlebell training, bodyweight training, suspension training, boxing, kickboxing for fitness, circuit training and so much more.  We evolve with the industry around us and are proud to be cutting edge and forward thinking. By the end of phase 1 all our students have the tools, practical knowledge, and technical ability to skillfully exercise, stay fit and healthy for the rest of their lives.


All this information is delivered to you in your very own student handbook.  This is one of the areas that set my company apart from all the rest. Where most trainers/coaches sell a service i.e. them training you, that is not the selling point at DMC.  Our expertise and coaching ability is all part of the program. The program and student hand book is the area where the majority of the value for money comes in. You invest in our our knowledge, we give you it all and we teach you how to use it.

student handbook

The key elements of the DMC program are personal development, strong health, physical awareness, knowledge, and education.  We use this personal development, the correct exercise and healthy living choices as a vehicle towards a happier more fun life and the accomplishment of our goals.

Outwith the exceptional one-to-one coaching sessions, we also offer a small group personal training session. This is every Tuesday night at 5:45pm. The class is progressive and the routines change on a monthly basis. For more information about this service, email here.

There are daily motivational updates on our Facebook page sharing relevant videos, stories and recipes, a regular email newsletter, sharing the successes of our students and any other important information, this blog page and our very own YouTube channel with over 90 videos available. During 2013, we will be posting a variety of ‘how-to’ instructional videos.

We are also available out of hours for any questions or queries our students have and we are just at the end of an email should they need to contact us. In the case of emergency all our students have our direct mobile contact numbers.

Personal Development

How do you improve you? I take my own medicine. I have 4 coaches: a life and JKD coach, a kettlebell sport coach, an NLP mind coach, and one of, if not the most influential people I have had the good fortune to meet – my dear friend and business mentor Forbes. I am constantly working on me becoming a better me. My story is rags to riches, you can experience that part of my journey here.

In 2012, I became an NLP practitioner and in April 2013, I will become a master practitioner.

Away from my own individual personal development as a crew, my team of coaches and I have attended and been tutored by some of the best health and fitness coaches, trainers, teachers and motivators in the world today.

Is DMC for you?

To reiterate, all the people who come onto our program become our students. We care for each and every person who walks through the doors of our gym and they all start at their very own beginning. There is no need to be apprehensive or scared about your own level of knowledge or fitness: that is what we are here for.

The DMC Fitness Crew have all struggled in the past with weight loss or muscle gain.  Julie, Grant and Davie have shed a total of 15 stones between them and Pablo has spent the last 7 years building and packing muscles onto a body which naturally wants to be lean and skinny.

If you are reading this and have been thinking about getting fit and healthy for a while, then make the call. You have nothing to lose. We know how you may feel and we understand. Come and see us – we will help you towards the new you.

So, there you have it; so many reasons why DMC Fitness should always be your first choice when considering hiring a private health and fitness coach.

I am extremely proud of all the students who come onto my program and will always provide them with best opportunity for success.

What are you waiting for? Make the call today.

It’s time.

Your time.

Thanks for reading.


“Strength for Life”