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Eagerly looking forward into 2014, it’s that time of year for me to plan and design what I want to improve in my life and add to it, detailing and designing the goals and objectives that I aim to achieve.  I have been goal-setting in January for many years now. As I am on a constant journey for self-improvement and personal development, I really do enjoy all aspects of goal-setting and achieving, and over the years have refined the approach I take and the systems I use. In this blog, I will share the processes I use and the goals I have set myself for no other reasons than to be an example to those around me, share my resources and to have a M.A.P to follow.


This year, I am designing a M.A.P (Massive Attack Plan) to follow and focusing on the following:

What I want

Why I want it

When I want it by

Where I am going to do it

Who will be involved

And lastly:

How I am going to do it.

I believe if you focus too much on the “How”, you will get too caught up in the detail and that’s when the voice of negativity can rear it’s ugly tone and play with your motivation.

ExampleI remember coming back from Tony Robbins UPW last March and stating to Julie that I would attend Business Mastery 20 weeks later. This was going to cost around £6000 and at that point, we didn’t have a spare 60p. What did I do? Launched new products via 2 new businesses and raised the funds that way. Goal achieved. In the same manner, I wanted to attend the Andy Harrington Public Speakers University in November. Along with a bit of juggling and some good luck, we attended that and it’s set us up nicely in 2014. Point here is: I knew the What, Why, When and Where – I let the How kind of take care of itself, whereas if I had focused on the How, it would have been a non-starter.

This year’s process is based around the Wellness Model aka the wheel of life:

wellness wheel

In no particular order, I will share what I have come up with so far heading into 2014.


From a personal aspect, I aim to contribute as best as I can to all those around me. To be more humble and grateful whilst being less affected by the stresses of my life and to be a calmer and all-round happier, more productive version of Davie. A better man, father, partner, friend, coach, leader, businessman and athlete. I will be guided during these parts of my journey by my own specialist personal coaches and the use of Headspace mindfulness app. I have a business coach (Forbes), a strength coach (Pablo), a mind coach (Brian), a Thai boxing coach (Gary), my yoga coach (Ali) and a newly appointed running advisor. I will also be attending a list of personal development course with the likes of Tony Robbins, Dr Richard Bandler, Paul McKenna, Andy Harrington and The SCNLP.

Health and Fitness goals

Health: My diet will be full of varied organic vegetables and some fruits, non-commercially farmed meats and poultry, and plenty of fish. Daily and weekly meals free from wheat, gluten and dairy – all the toxins I know my body does not enjoy – whilst limiting alcohol and processed sugar. In 2013, I spent around 3 months feeling the healthiest and happiest, whilst being the leanest and most productive I have ever been and I aim to better that this time round. Consistency will be key.

Physique: strong, lean, toned and muscular.

Strength: – (Body weight)

Pull ups x 15

Chins x 20

Dips x 25

Push ups x 100

Burpees x 100 in under 5 minutes

(Resistance / load based)

Deadlift 2 x bodyweight

Squats DMC 5 Tonne challenge = sub 20 mins

Overhead press = 1 x bodyweight

Bent over row = 1 x bodyweight

Once each of these objectives are accomplished, I will video and upload onto our You tube channel.


I will learn how to be fully competent in the basics of Yoga via the private coaching I receive weekly.

Thai Boxing

These double weekly sessions will be my fun training although always technical. The stress relief from punch and kick therapy is awesome and it’s also a great way for me to get cardio fit.

Sporting events

April 13th London Marathon – 4-5 hours is the aim

May 26th Edinburgh Marathon – 4 hours is the aim

The second half of the year may entail some sort of combat sport-type competition but we will have to wait and see 🙂

Weekly training schedule

M – Thai (6am with Gary) – yoga 3:30pm with Ali
T- Rest day and recovery
W – Strength training with Pablo
T – Light training / run day – running coach to advise
F – Thai (6am with Gary)
S – Strength training with Pablo
S- Rest day /  run day – running coach to advise

Supplements to be added to a super-clean eating style will be:

Mega Greens
Udo’s Oil
Sunwarrior Protein
Magnesium Spray
Probiotics and digestive enzymes

For more info on these choice of supplements, read this blog from Pablo.

Every day, I will mobilize and prepare my body for the coming challenges. Once a week, I will have a two hour full body sports massage. By giving responsibility for all my training needs to my coaches Pablo, Gary, Ali and our new running advisor, I do not need to think, focus on or deal with any training-based issues at all. My concerns will be focused on my eating style, family time, personal development, reading, education, business development and general well-being and daily happiness.


My daily schedule will be Mon – Sat. I will get up at 3:30 a.m. (bed will be 8 p.m.) and do my personal preparation/daily rituals of hydration, mobility, mindfulness, affirmations and reading. Once I get to the gym, I will work from 5:45 a.m. – 7/7:30 a.m. on business development related tasks. I will exercise 6 days a week (2 of these days will be Thai boxing coaching at 6 a.m.). This will give me 4-5 quality hours each week of personal and business development time which is in the gym and will not effect my family time or family duties.


I have a list of books already lined up to be read during the first few months of this year and many more in the pipeline.

list of books

I will also be attending the following seminars and workshops.

Jan – March: I will be working through the audio courses in the pics below.

Tony robbins audios

March: A team of us are going to London to Tony Robbins Unleash The Power Within. I am also looking at Tony Robbins Date With Destiny in the USA and Business Mastery 2 in Fiji for later in the year and I will be part of Andy Harrington’s Public Speakers Academy attending each month throughout 2014.

May: I aim to attend a personal development weekend with Dr Richard Bandler  (Tommy) & Paul McKenna.

Business growth & development

On Monday 6th January 2014, we launch the 7th year of DMC Fitness, Glasgow. This time last year, we had sheriff officers delivering summonses for unpaid Goverment debts, which we just could not pay at the time. Glad that’s all over and all legacy of our new gym expansion debt is a thing of the past. We are starting 2014 as the healthiest and strongest the company has ever been. Long may it continue. I have detailed business goals and these will be shared with Julie, my crew, my business coach and my accountant.

DMC Fitness will hold “FREE” 90 minute health & wellness bi monthly seminars. More info on this coming very soon.

DMC Fitness will hold mobility, kettlebell and bodyweight fitness and fat loss training seminars. The first of these will be planned to take place in February.

Magic Minds will go live as a commercial business with the website being uploaded and I will be taking on an experienced NLP Therapist and a Hypnotherapist to work alongside me.

I will be delivering personal development 1 day workshops to corporate business and the general pubic.

I intend to be working on writing my first book in the second half of the year, along with the addition of “webinars”, on-line coaching, pod casts and blogs.

So, there you have it. My aspirations, goals and objectives for this year and beyond.

I trust you have found this blog inspirational and educational and if I can help you in any way then please just ask.

To health, happiness and “Strength for Life”


Davie McConnachie, creator of DMC Fitness and Dynamic Mind Conditioning, is an expert health and wellness coach, multi-award winning motivational speaker, award-winning gym owner, writer and published poet.

Athletically, Davie has competed nationally in MMA, Boxing and Thai Boxing, and internationally in kettlebell sport. Davie enjoyed the London Marathon, several half marathons and is a regular mountain trekker. 

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