Treats and Tasty Eats

I had a great conversation today about a bit of ‘no rules’ eating on a Sunday with one of our new students, Alum. He was excited about finding out more and how to enjoy some cakes, homemade chocolate, brownies and all the things that most of us enjoy but can tend to come very toxically processed if bought commercially.

Admittedly, the recipes we share do have sugar and other not-so-super-healthy things in them. However, most are produced alongside vegetables, coconut oil, almond butter, almond milk and other not-so-toxic ingredients.

To save time and to keep all our treats recipes as one resource, please find our favoured recipes below.

Banana, raisin and oatmeal muffins – These are great as pre-workout fuel or a quick post-training recovery fix


Avocado brownies – These are absolutely gorgeous and lovely with a cup of freshly ground black coffee


Homemade fruit & nut chocolate –  Epic; I really would encourage everyone to try this as it’s so easy to make and so tasty

home made fruit and nut

Chocolate orange cake – This is different class. Proper yummy.

Paleo cake

Enjoy, everybody. Let me know how you get on and if you have any recipes that you would like to share, please get in touch with me here.

To health, happiness and “Strength For Life”,


Davie McConnachie, creator of DMC Fitness and Dynamic Mind Conditioning, is an expert health and wellness coach, multi-award winning motivational speaker, award-winning gym owner, writer and published poet.

Athletically, Davie has competed nationally in MMA, Boxing and Thai Boxing, and internationally in kettlebell sport. Davie enjoyed the London Marathon, several half marathons and is a regular mountain trekker.