Weekly Review: 25th-31st March

It’s been another great week. The start was some intense coaching, client chats and my handover as we prepared for our adventure towards the end of the week.

As a company we did 100 1-2-1 Expert personal training sessions.

On Thursday we flew on 3 planes over 24 hours to Port Elizabeth in South Africa to surprise Julie’s mum and dad. A surprise it was, and Mary’s reaction of happy tears will stay with me forever.

I used the time on the plane to review our performance for quarter 1 2019. I also created our Victory list which is a detailed list of everything we have achieved in the first few months. From there I set goals and our intentions for Q2. The vision is strong and the possibilities are endless. 

I also watched 3 movies, read 5 chapters of my latest book and listened to some music. 

Our first day in Port Elizabeth was excellent. We lay in the sun, caught up on sleep and at night we were welcomed to Sardinia Bay by the locals in the golf clubhouse where they had a 2 for 1 pizza special on. This place is really beautiful. It’s great.

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On Friday we trained first thing then went to the equivalent of Sports World and invested in mats, dumbbells, some self massage kit and a heavy bag for my kickboxing. £400 total investment and as you can see by the amount of kit we got it was money well spent. That’s us sorted for our morning movement and training while we are here. 

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My training this week was solid I’m enjoying getting stronger all the time. The highlights were,

1- warming up outside watching the zebra drink in the water pool.

2- kickboxing and skipping in the gorgeous sunshine.

3- I hit a PR on my 1 arm push ups by doing 35 continuously on Thursday morning before I left.

My focus right now is still bodyweight training especially pull ups, chins and 1 arm push ups. 

Skipping was 3 hours total 

Pull ups x 25

Chins 45 

1 arm push ups were 110

Kettlebell combos 

Shadow kickboxing 40:00

Kickboxing 45:00 

Crunches 400

I did a session on back earlier in the week and also did 70 dips, 100 push ups and hours of mobility and stretching.

My focus while I am here is to continue with progressing towards my goals and moving every day for around 3 hours. 

I’ve been reading the 12 week year this week it’s a great book and I’m looking forward to practicing the implementation of the system into my schedule .

My meditation was a total of 3 hours I missed Thursday and Friday which wasn’t the best, but traveling got in the way.

My favourite meditation of the moment is this one.

My morning P.E.P routine is focussed and solid I love my daily journalling and I recite my affirmations. They are essential parts of my mental and emotional fitness.

Below is a favourite and as part of my warm up I meditate. 

A favourite affirmation right now is,

In the infinity of life where I am, all is perfect whole and complete.

I believe in a power far greater than I am that flows through me every moment of every day.

I open myself to the wisdom within, knowing that there is only One Intelligence in this Universe.

Out of this One Intelligence comes all the answers, all the solutions, all the healings, all the new creations.

I trust in this Power and Intelligence, knowing that whatever I need to know is revealed to me, and whatever I need comes to me in the right time space and sequence.

All is well in my world.

Taken from Louise Hay book – You can heal your life

one conciousness

I’ve enjoyed listening to Eddie Pinero on YouTube I’m a bit of a fan boy if I’m honest. I do really enjoy his content.

Foods been epic. We’ve brought all our supplements and will stay on point with that. There are so many amazing places to eat here and it’s so inexpensive. We also have an EPIC bbq.

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So yes, a great week has been had and I’m happy with my productivity and performance.

Things to look forward to this week 

Switching off and chilling out. 

Swimming with my boys.

Long hugs in the morning.

Family time.

The gorgeous food here.

Training in the sunshine.

Getting leaner and stronger.

Reading and creative writing.

Watching the Sunrise and the start of the Iron Man.

Looking at the stars at night and dreaming about my future.

I’ll be listening to Eddie P on YouTube.

Coffee and Cake :-))

Relaxing in the Sun.

Will update again next week. 

If I can help you in anyway please just let me know. 

One ❤️ 


Davie McConnachie, creator of DMC Fitness and Dynamic Mind Conditioning, is an expert health and wellness coach, multi-award winning motivational speaker, award-winning gym owner, writer and published poet.

Athletically, Davie has competed nationally in MMA, Boxing and Thai Boxing, and internationally in kettlebell sport. Davie enjoyed the London Marathon, several half marathons and is a regular mountain trekker. 

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