Weekly Review – South Africa Cont.

Time again to review my week. 

It’s been another glorious week in Port Elizabeth, Sardinia Bay.

sea side
Sardinia Bay

There have been some magical moments and great memories made. 

We’ve sang along to The Eagles, swam in the scorching sun, laughed, walked along the Sacramento trail, listened to the waves crash on the ocean, ate some amazing food, celebrated my 42nd birthday, spotted animals in the nature reserve and went clothes shopping at the mall.

The food has been indulgent and my training sessions have been intense. 

I’ve eaten my favourite foods every day and enjoyed some cold beers, G&T’s and red wines. 


The burger I had on my birthday was incredible. It was in the Grass Roof. They grow all there own produce in house and they have a huge playing area for the kids.


We’ve never had a bad meal and Jim’s cooked some epic Braai’s (bbqs) and the milkshakes, well they are off the chart.

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My ‘Mindset’ training has been consistent. I’ve been diligent daily. When I got here I set intentions.

1- To write creatively. This week was 5 hours in total.

2- To embed a stronger meditation practice into my day. Just shy of 5 hours this week.

3- Spend quality time with my family as a group and individually.

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4- Read and finish the books I’ve brought. Two down, two to go.

5- Enjoy my morning movement and get stronger.

6- Enjoy the fun of food and drinks.

7- Celebrate my birthday wearing my favourite clothes in my perfect sizes.

8- Re-calibrate myself and move into the next phase of my mission.

9- Kickboxing in the sunshine as I’ve never done this.

10 – Long walks in the sunshine.

I’ve achieved all my intentions and more it’s been a highly effective and productive time. 

I’ve been visuality daily and focussing on my P.C.C and I’ve written in my journal every morning and shared on social.

One of My favourite entries is here…

Wednesday 10th April 2019.

Today I am grateful to Fitness.

All the grace, joy, love, fulfilment and friendship came the day I fell in love with you.

Today I am grateful to fitness for giving me the strength to endure the harsher sides of life. 

Today I am grateful to fitness. 

Because of fitness I found my true calling in life, to teach and inspire others, to embrace fitness training and use it as a way to enhance our life’s experience.

Today I am grateful to fitness for all of the amazing coaches, mentors, guides and teachers it’s brought into my life so far.

Today I am grateful for fitness for the amazing and highly successful career I have carved for myself in the words of Steve R Covey

“to touch the soul of another human being is to walk on holy ground”.

I’ve been blessed with gifts that allow me to help others grow and develop with the magic of fitness. For that my gratitude is eternal. Coaching fulfills me. It fills me with pride knowing I’m contributing to the growth of others.

Today I am grateful for fitness. For all of the truly incredible experiences my DMC Fitness Crew and I have had and for all of the amazing clients, students and now friends who give us the responsibility of being their coach.

Fitness I love how you have given me the strength to love and believe in myself. Allowed me the space to develop my own beliefs and philosophies and the bravery to share openly and vulnerably. You have taught me how to love and in this I have learned how to love myself and be proud of all of me. 

Thank you Fitness for being my lighthouse during my darkest and most dangerous of storms.

Fitness I love you… 

My angel and saviour I thank you. 

“Strength for Life”

Julie bought me my first leather journal for my birthday and I love it.


I’ve finished another book and started my 3rd.

growth hacker

My daily ‘Movement’ has been fun, flowing and intense. 22 hours in total. My focus was to further develop my chins. I’m now consistently hitting a set total of 50 every day and can do 9 in a row.

training station

I’ve enjoyed in summary and totals…

230 Chin ups.

The start of a new Kettlebell and bodyweight circuit training phase. 

An hours Kickboxing on the heavy bag in the gorgeous sunshine. 

550 Push ups.

Bent over and renegade rows.

42 mins of heavy band planks.

220 loaded W-Y-W-T 

Some epic pressing sessions.

And hours of flowing dynamic stretching.

Intense Vanity training for finishers .

There has been no skipping because I have a niggle in my right calf.

On Friday night we went to be entertained by an Eagles tribute band and they were amazing 

I’m about to go now and enjoy a glass of wine then do some stretching. 

I’ve definitely fallen in love with South Africa, especially Sardinia Bay. The vibe is super chilled. The locals are lovely and the food is epic. I’m going to be sad on Wednesday as we fly home.

That being said I’ve had some intense thinking time, I’ve trained well, eaten like a king and drank like George best. 

My intentions are set for next week and I have so much to look forward to.

1- Publish my first in a series of self care books.

2- Launch my podcast.

3- Start a 10 week cut in preparation for the summer.

4- Finish the Cateran Yomp and smashing my previous time.

5- Catch up with my crew.

6- Working on my brand with Michelle Coops, Brand Rebel.

7- Completing the gym upgrades.

8- Catch up with my friends

9- Launching my DMC Discovery day .

10- Be present and grateful to everyone and everything I have in my life.

I am grateful for the life I live, the family I’m surrounded by and that I am healthy, fit and stronger.

quote of the week

Until the next time “Strength for Life”


Davie McConnachie, creator of DMC Fitness and Dynamic Mind Conditioning, is an expert health and wellness coach, multi-award winning motivational speaker, award-winning gym owner, writer and published poet.

Athletically, Davie has competed nationally in MMA, Boxing and Thai Boxing, and internationally in kettlebell sport. Davie enjoyed the London Marathon, several half marathons and is a regular mountain trekker.