Anna lost the rest of her baby weight and feels incredible

Before DMC
After DMC

Her body fat percentage has been slashed by 5% and she has oodles more energy

Having had a baby a year before, I realised that if I wanted to get back to being ‘me’, I needed some extra help. I’ve always been reasonably fit and thought it would be easy to lose the remaining baby weight by myself. I was wrong. So, I found myself googling ‘personal trainer’ then in no time, I was sitting with Pablo and finding out how DMC Fitness could help me get my body back.

After the taster session, I was hooked. The environment is so completely positive and supportive that I signed up there and then. I was already excited about the journey I was about to start!

I was assigned Laura as my coach and she’s been amazing. Laura patiently listened to my goals at the start, she understood what I wanted from the course (more strength, more energy and maybe to be able to do a chin-up?) and made it happen. Every week Laura encouraged, challenged and motivated me to do more and achieve more. If I had a ‘slack’ week and ate a few chocolate biscuits, she was able to put me back on the right track. She did it with humour and kindness so that I always knew I was supported.

At the end of my course, I smashed every exercise on the assessment test. I can now hold a plank for 2 mins 30 seconds! My body fat is down by 5% and I have lost all the extra baby inches from my body. Most importantly, I feel brilliant. I sleep better now and I have oodles more energy.

Laura has been through her own transformation and so she knows what it takes to get fit, eat well and be her best. She is an inspiration and I thoroughly enjoyed training with her. Every session with Laura was fun (though not always pain free!) and I would absolutely recommend her as a coach. Laura understands the DMC philosophy of looking after the whole person. DMC is not about getting fit. It’s about living life to the full and Laura has been a wonderful guide on the journey back to being me. THANK YOU, LAURA!

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