Alan Valenti

After DMC

Alan Valenti's transformation with DMC

The first time I met Davie was when i went to do my 1 hour taster session at his gym, in fact by the time I climbed his 3 flights of stairs just to get to the gym I really knew I needed help in getting motivated. Like most people I had joined a commercial gym and after a few weeks the motivation quickly disappears when you see no results, so after seeing how positive and enthusiastic Davie was I decided to give it a go.

I have never been a person who was really overweight but I knew that I was out of shape, after Davie assessed my week 1 food diary I was pretty shocked at how bad my diet really was. Davie has taken the time to educate me on Nutrition to run alongside my work outs. I can honestly say that up until now I have never really enjoyed going to the gym but working out with DMC is different, every week you come into the gym you have no idea what he has in store for you and this for me is very important as it always keeps it interesting as well as being fun. (I mean where else can you get the chance to skip and hit pads with eye of the tiger playing in the back ground). But for all it is fun Davie will not be long in letting you know if you are slacking and that is very important from a personal trainer to get results.

After 10 weeks training I am totally feeling and seeing the benefits, I have lost over 6″ of fat ( 4″ of round my gut), dropped 3% body fat and dropped into a 30″ waist jeans for the first time in 7 years. I have also seen my strength increase dramatically as well as my energy levels.

I would recommend DMC Fitness to anyone like myself who has tried the commercial gyms and seen no results, I can assure you Davie and his staff will not be long in shaping you up.

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