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Ali Pate's transformation with DMC

Winter 2011/12 had been a pretty lazy one for me fitness wise what with all the wind, rain, cold and darkness we generally have here in Glasgow. With several nudges and some not so subtle hints from my girlfriend I was shaken out of my hibernation. I’ve trained for a number of years now and have been thwarted by injury or have moved around due to work commitments. I was feeling de-motivated and uninterested in fitness so what was I going to do that would spark my interest and get me off the couch? Enter the Kettlebell. I have used this training tool off and on for a couple of years but usually for nothing more than basic swings as I always felt that proper tuition was better than books and DVDs.

As my girlfriend had recently started Personal Training at DMC Fitness, it made sense to go and check them out and see what they were all about. I was pleasantly surprised to see that they were all well qualified Kettlebell Teachers (as well as Gym Instructors) through the international body that is the IKFF. I had heard of Steve Cotter and seen his feats of strength with kettlebells on YouTube. As it so happened, he was to be at DMC Fitness in June 2012 to teach his CKT Level 1 certification. This seemed like a good fitness goal to aim for as there are certain fitness tests to be attained before you can officially pass. This gave me about 10 weeks to get ready for it so I decided to approach Davie for the best way to do this. After a chat about what was required for the course, I decided to take some Personal Training with senior coach Pablo Jareno, with the specific goal of passing the fitness test for the CKT.

Pablo set about the task by creating a progressive kettlebell program that would improve my strength and conditioning by breaking down the fitness test into smaller chunks and working on areas that I was weak in. At the start, I was well off the pace of the test but as the weeks rolled by I steadily improved but it was clear that it was all going to come down to the Kettlebell Snatch (an exercise where you have to move the kettlebell from the ground to overhead) as it was by far the hardest part of the test for me. On the day, the test felt pretty good (even the snatching) and I had met my goal thanks to the trainers at DMC Fitness and was duly awarded my certificate by Steve Cotter himself.

Since passing the CKT, I am still training with kettlebells but with the new focus of Kettlebell Sport, an emerging sport in Scotland. I’ve been able to take what I have learnt from the CKT and apply it to my training in order to refine and improve my technique and fitness. I’m sure I’ll be ready for the CKT level 2 in no time! This would all be a bit dull if I was doing it alone so the newly formed Glasgow Kettlebell Club (also based at DMC Fitness) seemed like the logical next step to progress even further. Training classes are held every week and we compete in competitions around the UK with the aim of reaching international level. A great bunch of guys and girls and a good laugh, so come along, get yourself covered in chalk and fling some kettlebells around with us!

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