Amanda MacDonald

Before DMC
After DMC

Amanda MacDonald's transformation with DMC

Myself and my fiancé have always been active but more for recreational purposes than sole fitness purposes. After falling into a comfort zone we spent a lot of our time cuddled up pigging out or eating and drinking out.  We knew we had to get ourselves back into shape, but having no external factors to push us made it difficult! We were at the wedding show at Hampden stadium when we first got speaking to Julie and Davie, they were so down to earth and made their programme seem so appealing that we signed up there and then. We had signed up for a 10 week training programme.

Arriving at our induction I was nervous and a little apprehensive, the gym was nothing like I expected, it wasn’t commercialised and it reminded me of ‘old school gym workouts’ that my dad use to do…although a lot of the equipment I had never saw before!  Once Davie and Julie took us through our induction my fiancé and I were definitely up for the challenge. They were so welcoming and I knew it was the right choice rather than going to a normal gym (where a lot of people just go to look good and make me feel uncomfortable ha)

From the outset my target was to tone up and lose body fat rather than any weight and throughout my training Julie made sure this would happen for me. The 10 weeks was an amazing experience, a difficult and tough one at times, but it was definitely worth it for the outcomes and new lease of life I felt. As a Trainer Julie was inspirational; she was so patient and motivating with me that even when I wanted to crumble and cry (which I could’ve done a few times) I pushed myself through the barrier and realised it wasn’t as difficult as I had initially thought. Each week Julie changed up my sessions, keeping it interesting and more challenging as the weeks went on.

I took for granted that I was naturally ‘slim’ but being involved in DMC and with the help from Julie it has made me realise that eating the correct foods makes a huge difference to how you feel and act. Having a food diary in place allowed Julie to keep me right with my ‘do’s and don’ts’ with my foods and gave me alternatives.  But best of all from it is the exercise that are easy to do at home…so I now have no excuses; at my final session I had lost 6inches and reduced my body fat by 3.5% so now the challenge is on for myself to make sure I maintain what I have achieved and continue to develop what Julie has taught me. I know she is only an email or a txt message away to keep me motivated and I know that she will be more than willing to help me in the future.

Lastly a huge thank you to Julie for putting up with me for the last 10 weeks and putting me through a unique and individual plan suited to my own needs. And finally thank you to all DMC members for making my experience as comfortable and welcoming as you all did.

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