Mr 'T' eradicates years of suffering from knee pain in just 12 weeks

After DMC

At 63 years of age, Mr T has reduced his body fat to single digits

I had major problems with my knee which left me unable to walk properly. I was also in constant pain.

I had already spent about £800 on private medical care, getting x-rays and scans. According to the consultant, nothing could be done to heal my knee. This was having an adverse effect on my general health since it stopped me doing any sort of exercise at all.

That’s when I decided to take myself along to DMC Fitness. They had been recommended to me by friends.

On my first visit, Davie said that he would get me hill walking again…I would have been happy to walk just a few steps without feeling pain and did doubt that even that was possible.

I have been going to DMC Fitness for about 6 months now. After only 12 weeks, I was pain free and able to go hill walking, something I now do most weekends.

Between the exercising and the change in diet, I have reduced my body fat to single digits. Pablo constantly monitors and changes the exercise sessions to make sure that I get the best results possible.

DMC Fitness has changed my life and I consider it money well spent.

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