Becki has finally found a training and nutrition programme that works for her thanks to DMC Fitness

Before DMC
After DMC

Becki hated her reflection in the mirror and how her clothes felt. Now, she loves the way she looks, enjoys clothes shopping again and she is fitter and stronger than ever before.

I had started offshore in 2012 and the weight had gradually crept up. I was dipping in and out of a good routine and very limited with my food choices, but also making a lot of bad choices. I’ve enjoyed exercising for years and was almost obsessional about it at one point, yet feeling really demotivated and upset that I wasn’t getting any results with regards to my body shape and instead, things were going in the opposite direction. 

I was at the stage of looking in the mirror and hating what I saw, and feeling very unhappy in my clothes. I sat offshore one afternoon feeling very unhappy in the way I looked and felt about myself and thought “enough is enough”. A Google search brought up DMC Fitness. I sat and read every single testimonial and success story on the website and felt really motivated and thought “I want some of that!” 

I can honestly say that since joining DMC, it has changed my life. I have become passionate about food, feeding my body the right fuel that it needs and knowing what is and isn’t good for me. I am enjoying a different kind of training from anything I have ever done in the past and love the fact that I am fitter and stronger than I have ever been. The support and guidance I have received over the last couple of months has been invaluable in steering me to achieve my results to date, and I’m positive that without DMC I wouldn’t be where I am now. 

With regards to food, I previously thought I ate reasonably healthily; however, in comparison, the way I feel both on the inside and outside now tells me otherwise. It amazes me how ill some foods made me feel previously without even realising, and the nutritional guidance from the guys is something that will stay with me for life. 

I have to give a special mention to Steven, whom the majority of my training sessions have been with. His own story alone is inspirational and is something which has been at the back of my mind a few times during my training sessions. I’ve told him on more than one occasion whilst he’s pushed me in the gym that I don’t like him very much! However, as a coach, I couldn’t have asked for more. He knows my capabilities and pushes me harder in the gym than I would have thought I could go, and is always encouraging, and supportive. So thank you, Steven!

I’m at a stage now where I’m very happy with my progress so far, however so excited and motivated to see what I can achieve with my next block.  Physically I still have goals I want to reach, but mentally I know I am in such a better place than I was earlier this year, and for that I’m extremely grateful to you guys for your support.

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